UCC Vienna Café at The Podium

We had dinner at UCC Vienna Café at The Podium last April. It was our first time there actually, and we really didn’t know what to order. After browsing their menu for a few minutes, we finally decided to have Frankfurter, Boneless Bangus and Fried Chicken Spaghetti for dinner.

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Frankfurter, Php379.00

Frankfurter is one of the Western breakfast meals being offered at UCC Vienna Café. It has frankfurter, Japanese salad, white or wheat buttered toast, and egg (scrambled, fried or poached). It is served with UCC Breakfast Coffee, orange juice or hot cocoa but only if you order it during breakfast. Hubby shared some of his frankfurter with me, and I liked it because it wasn’t salty. This meal was actually perfect for hubby because he’s trying to reduce his rice intake.

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Boneless Bangus, Php379.00

This Boneless Bangus is for moi. It’s a Filipino breakfast meal consisting of fried boneless bangus (milkfish), Japanese salad, garlic rice and egg. Like the Frankfurter, this also comes with a free drink, but again, only when it’s ordered during breakfast. The bangus was fried to perfection, and it was tasty, too, plus the serving was huge. The sweet and slightly tangy Japanese salad was also a winner. I was doubly happy because hubby gave me the Japanese salad on his plate.

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Fried Chicken Spaghetti, Php409.00

And our son had this Fried Chicken Spaghetti. You have two choices for the sauce: tomato sauce or cream sauce. Justin said the fried chicken was yummy. He also liked the spaghetti, but he had me removed all the mushrooms since he’s not really fond of them. Personally, I find this spaghetti slightly overpriced.

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Kiwi Juice, Php179.00; Vanilla Cream Cooler, Php170.00; Mango Kiwi Swirl, Php199.00

The UCC drinks look exciting, so we ordered Kiwi Juice, Mango Kiwi Swirl and Vanilla Cream Cooler. The Kiwi Juice has real kiwi fruit inside, while the Mango Kiwi Swirl combines both mango and kiwi fruit. The Vanilla Cream Cooler, on the other hand, is vanilla shake topped with whipped cream. We enjoyed these cool and refreshing drinks.

UCC Vienna Café at The Podium is a quiet, spacious and elegant place. While the prices of their food are a bit stiff, there’s a wide selection to choose from, so I suggest you choose well to get your money’s worth.

UCC Vienna Café
Ground Floor, The Podium
Mandaluyong City

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Home-Style Bangus by Pancake House

I love bangus (milkfish) however it’s cooked. Even if I can eat bangus dishes at home, I still order it in restaurants we visit, especially if I don’t fancy anything from the menu. During our most recent visit to Pancake House, which is one of our favorite restaurants, I tried their Home-Style Bangus for the first time.

 photo P_20150405_192501_zpscnl56fog.jpg

Home-Style Bangus, Php262.00

A very simple dish, this Home-Style Bangus is steamed milkfish fillet with seasoned herbs, garnished with chopped tomatoes and siling haba (finger chili) and served with rice and soy sauce. It was delicious!

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Alqueria Restaurante y Chocolateria at SM Megamall

The last time we went there, the restaurant was still called Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria. Now, it’s called Alqueria Restaurante y Chocolateria, a business decision according to their waitstaff. With the change in name comes the addition of new dishes to their menu, too.

 photo IMG_20150315_164610_zpss0fwrq5m.jpg

Classic Churros (5 pcs.), Php108.00 and Dark Chocolate Dip (Medium), Php108.00

We’re supposed to have churros for desserts, but our son simply couldn’t wait, so we had Classic Churros with dark chocolate dip first. The churros were fresh, hot and crunchy, and the dark chocolate dip was perfect; it was rich, luscious and not too sweet.

 photo IMG_20150315_170245_zpskhwieruf.jpg

Pollo Iberico, Php378.00

This Pollo Iberico is chicken that has been slow-baked for 3.5 hours with olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Is it tender? Yes, super tender! It’s also mildly flavored and slightly spicy.

 photo IMG_20150315_170231_zpsdbkhlheg.jpg

Caldereta de Cabrito, Php698.00

Caldereta de Cabrito is like Beef Caldereta, except that it used goat meat. Hubby and I actually liked this better than the Pollo Iberico because it’s more flavorful. It’s also a bit spicy.

We’re definitely coming back to Alqueria to try their Chocolate Churros, Paella and Cochinillo.

Alqueria Restaurante y Chocolateria
3rd Level, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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