It’s ArmyNavy’s 8th Birthday!

ArmyNavy, the home base of the finest, tastiest and juiciest burgers and burritos, is now on its 8th year of providing superb fast-casual dining experience to its battalion of food lovers.

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As part of its anniversary treat, ArmyNavy is having its B.U.D.D.Y. Promo valid until March 31, 2017. For a discounted price of Php 341, you and your comrade can feast on an amazing deal for two! Choose between a burger B.U.D.D.Y combo or a burrito B.U.D.D.Y combo.

You can never go wrong with ArmyNavy’s quarter pounder burger with 100% natural beef patties, fresh crispy lettuce, sliced tomatoes and onions sandwiched in toasted sesame seed Kaiser Bun. The same is true of ArmyNavy’s delicious burrito available in 7 flavorful variants.

Here’s more! Customers who will avail the B.U.D.D.Y. Promo will receive a special treat on March 23, 2017, ArmyNavy’s birthday. They will be getting two freshly brewed Libertea Iced Tea for free! This means they can relish the tasty flavors of the burgers or burritos while sipping its favorite companion, the Libertea Iced Tea. Cool, right?

ArmyNavy is also offering the bundle “Set 235” consisting either of its best-selling burger or its Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a chosen siding and 12 oz. Libertea Iced Tea. This set is perfect for those who want to enjoy scrumptious food without spending too much.

“We take pride in serving high quality burgers and burrito in a fast-casual cool-military inspired setting. Through the years, we managed to live up to our mission to turn hungry into happy by serving freshly cooked food using only the freshest and high quality ingredients. Customers troop in at ArmyNavy to come back for nothing more but goodness,” said Roy Quejada, Chief Operating Officer.

Spend an awesome time with your buddy over delightful food in ArmyNavy. Head to the nearest branch and join in the celebration of another year of ArmyNavy’s victory! Get in the loop by visiting or by liking ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines on Facebook.

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Cable Car at The Sapphire Bloc

Almost a year has passed since we have tried Cable Car at The Sapphire Bloc. Being first-timers in this place, we didn’t know what to order, so we settled for Crispy Sisig and Pica-Pica Platter 2.

 photo IMG_20160507_195644_zpsahkl2qdc.jpg

Crispy Sisig, Php200.00

Cable Car’s Crispy Sisig without egg has tinier pieces of meat that were actually soft instead of crispy. Hubby and I still enjoyed it, though, because it was seasoned perfectly.

 photo IMG_20160507_195802_zpsmlknexmv.jpg> photo IMG_20160507_195836_zpswpijakuc.jpg

Pica-Pica Platter 2, Php450.00

We also ordered Pica-Pica Platter 2 which has Lechon Kawali, Buffalo Wings, French Fries and Calamares and served with three dips. The French Fries had crispy edges and fluffy centers. The Calamares rings were quite small but tender (on the inside) and crunchy (on the outside) nonetheless. I personally super enjoyed the crispy Lechon Kawali; it was so god you’d want to eat everything in one bite, fats and all! For some reason, the Buffalo Wings made the least impression on us.

We enjoyed our first visit to Cable Car. Now looking forward to our next family food adventure!

Cable Car
Ground Level, The Sapphire Bloc
Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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New Seafood Offerings at Dencio’s

It’s the season to indulge in seafood at Dencio’s! Dencio’s Bar and Grill, every Juan’s favorite gimik place, has something delightful and exciting to offer this month of March: the Kilawin Bisaya and the the Krispy Embotido Hipon.

 photo KilawinBisaya_zpsvdg8dexi.jpg

Kilawin Bisaya

The Kilawin Bisaya is the perfect appetizer to start off a hearty meal for only Php170.00. It combines the freshest ingredients of tuna cubes and cuts of pipino peel, covered with creamy white sauce, siling pari, spring onion and red bell pepper.

 photo KrispyEmbotidoHipon_zpssy6fxvez.jpg

Krispy Embotido Hipon

Dencio’s likewise puts a twist on the famous embotido by adding shrimp, everyone’s favorite seafood. Dencio’s Krispy Embotido Hipon is shrimp coated with meat wrapped in lumpia wrapper and served with sweet chilli sauce. With just the right level of crispiness, this novel seafood offering is really a must-try! A group of 5 persons can already enjoy the Krispy Embotido Hipon for only Php 1,560.

 photo SinigangNaBangus_zpsesbcophf.jpg

Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus

Another delectable option is Dencio’s Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus, a perfect complement to Dencio’s new seafood offerings and sumptuous Krispy Sisig. Truly, Dencio’s is a go-to place for families and barkadas because of its wide selection of food suited for every palate.

The Kilawin Bisaya and the the Krispy Embutido Hipon are available for the whole month of March in all Dencio’s branches. Like Dencio’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit their website to learn more about the latest mouth-watering dishes from Dencio’s.

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