Kuya J Restaurant at SM Megamall

Kuya J Restaurant occupies the place vacated by Mannang at SM Megamall. The place, spacious and well-lit, offers classic Filipino dishes with a twist. We tried their Grilled Scallops, Kare-Kareng Bagnet and Spicy Sizzling Mixed Seafood.

 photo P_20150726_180923_zpsisgotrn2.jpg

Grilled Scallops, Php230.00

We ordered Grilled Scallops because it is one of Kuya J’s bestsellers. These are grilled scallops with cheesy butter toppings. Our 9-year-old son ate a lot of these because he said they’re yummy. Well, they are, albeit slightly salty.

 photo P_20150726_181943_zpsbkfv9t15.jpg

Kare-Kareng Bagnet, Php399.00

This Kare-Kareng Bagnet combines two dishes that hubby and I love, Kare-Kare and Bagnet. We enjoyed this crunchy and savory bagnet with thick and creamy peanut sauce! You can actually forego the bagoong (shrimp paste) because it already tastes so good on its own. We highly recommend this signature dish!

 photo P_20150726_183347_zps9sjgirxl.jpg

Spicy Sizzling Mixed Seafood, Php280.00

Fish, shrimps and squid are mixed together with green and red bell peppers in a sweet and spicy sauce to create this Spicy Sizzling Mixed Seafood. This is a little bit out of place here not because it wasn’t delicious – it was! – but because it didn’t nicely complement the taste of the Kare-Kareng Bagnet. In short, they don’t go well together, so we suggest pairing this with a different pork or beef dish.

Here are the things we like about Kuya J Restaurant: (1) It can accommodate a lot of diners because the place is big. (2) You would feel comfortable while eating because the place is not crowded. (2) The food is delicious and affordable.

Kuya J Restaurant
Ground Floor, Building A
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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Chef Portia Baluyut’s Spinach Cream and Tomato Pasta Recipe Using Meat District Products

Chef Portia Baluyut of Rustic Mornings and Lifestyle Network’s Pinch by Portia had a cooking demo in the recent Meat District event I attended.

 photo DSCN8262_zpsrmh9ezex.jpg

Chef Portia prepared three hearty creations using Meat District products, namely Korean beef, sausages and bacon.

 photo DSCN8322_zpsujwmucgz.jpg

Of the three dishes she prepared for the guests, the Spinach Cream and Tomato Pasta was my favorite.

 photo DSCN8340_zpsbs8tvgy3.jpg

Here is Chef Portia’s recipe for this yummy pasta dish.

 photo DSCN8348_zpsbvokfozo.jpg

Spinach Cream and Tomato Pasta


500 g penne noodles
150 g Meat District honey cured bacon, chopped
½ kilo chicken breast, cubed
Salt and pepper
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
1 tbsp smoked paprika
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 whole onion
6 whole tomatoes, quartered
10 sun-dried tomatoes, sliced
2 handfuls of spinach leaves
3 cups of cooking cream
Chili pepper flakes


• In a big pan, saute bacon until nice and brown. Drain excess oil and set aside.
• In the same pan, add chicken breast and season with salt, pepper, paprika and Italian seasoning.
• Once it turns nice and lightly browned, flip and season the other side and continue to cook until brown. Set aside.
• In the same pan, saute onion and garlic. Add tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. Add spinach leaves and saute until they wilt. Pour cooking cream, mix and dilute with pasta water if needed.
• Sprinkle chili pepper flakes and season with salt and pepper.
• Add penne noodles, mix together and serve hot with parmesan cheese on top.

Meat District Corp.

Meat District Corp. manufactures high-quality gourmet meat like European Sausages, Frankfurters, Wieners, Bacon, Ham and all-time Filipino favorites like Garlic Beef Tapa, Pork Tocino, Chicken Longganisa and Pork Sisig. The company uses premium meat products that are grown and sourced from the best farms in Australia and Brazil. They likewise support our local farmers for some of their pork products.

 photo md-big-logo_zpsmeve8dih.png

Meat District’s manufacturing facility located in Cainta, Rizal received a double certification from the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) and strictly complies with the quality and sanitation standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Meat District currently offers Reseller Business Opportunity where authorized resellers will earn 18% to 20% commission for every pack of Meat District product they will sell.

 photo DSCN8360_zpstfgweivc.jpg

Visit their website to find out how you can become a partner reseller.

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Izumi Curry and Grill at The Podium

We had dinner at Izumi Curry and Grill at The Podium last July. It was the first time my son and I visited this Japanese restaurant, while hubby has already been here previously with his officemates.

 photo P_20150719_181937_zpszycqzvia.jpg

Megabeef Steak Curry, Php320.00

Hubby’s order, the Megabeef Steak Curry, is U.S. beef burger steak served over Japanese rice and topped with sweet and spicy curry sauce. As you can see, he loves everything on his plate smothered in curry sauce. That sunny-side up egg is not part of the dish, though; it’s an additional order. The beef patty was plump, meaty, tender and juicy.

 photo P_20150719_181745_zpsnfqlrllq.jpg

Fish Katsu Curry, Php350.00

And this is my Fish Katsu Curry, breaded cream dory fillet with Japanese rice and curry sauce. If you don’t like your meal smothered in curry sauce, then you can request to have the sauce served separately. That way, you can control how much curry sauce you want for your meal. That’s what my son and I did. The perfectly crispy and lightly seasoned fish fillets went well with the sweet and tangy tartar sauce.

 photo P_20150719_181646_zpsmjq40xqw.jpg

Chicken Katsu Curry, Php290.00

This Chicken Katsu Curry was for our son. It is breaded chicken with Japanese rice and curry sauce. The chicken fillet was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was also seasoned just the way our son liked it. He enjoyed dipping it in the curry sauce. He wasn’t able to finish everything on his plate, though, as the serving was huge for his small tummy.

 photo P_20150719_183814_zpsmtj7fxvu.jpg

Strawberry and Green Tea Ice Cream, Php70.00 each

We capped off our dinner with these smooth, creamy and not-so-sweet Strawberry and Green Tea Ice Cream. Two scoops for Php70.00 is not bad at all.

Overall, we like the food at Izumi Curry and Grill, as well as the generous servings and their reasonable prices.

Izumi Curry and Grill
5/F, The Podium
Mandaluyong City

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