Rainbow Foods for Fertility

I know a few childless couples who would like to have kids of their own. My son’s dentist took a leave of absence as he and his wife opted to undergo fertility treatments. A colleague has been trying to get pregnant for years but has not been successful. A good friend and former officemate, who has been married for more than a decade now, still hopes to become a mom. I had infertility issues as well during the early years of my marriage because of pituitary tumor. Fortunately for me, I conceived a year after my tumor was removed.

Some couples, if they can’t get pregnant when they want to, start to become stressed and worried that they may have some infertility issues. That’s not always the case. Some couples only need to change their lifestyle and improve their fertility. There are several ways to improve your fertility without spending too much. One of them is changing what you eat. If you are into junk, processed, and canned foods, try to change it as soon as possible. Think colors – all the colorful fruits and vegetables provide so many vitamins and minerals to help improve your body’s natural fertility. Foods that are rich in omega-3 like salmon and sardines are also a great help to boost your body’s fertility.

Another fertility boosting nutrient is zinc. It specially helps improve men’s sperm motility and sperm count. Oysters and dairy foods are rich in zinc; you may want to give them a try. With proper nutrition and a healthy body, you have better chances of conceiving. According to www.pregnancytips.org, not only are there fertility boosting foods, but there are also particular foods you can eat to increase your chances of conceiving either a boy or a girl, depending upon your preference. Now whether these really work or not is up for debate, but it’s a fun food for thought.

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Awesome Taters Treats

Each time we buy anything from Taters, we get a 10% discount because of my Robinsons Privilege Card. But the discount isn’t the only reason we frequent Taters. We love their food, too! In particular, we like their Super Pop (Popcorn), Tater Chips and Sugar-free Lemonade. We discovered more to love at Taters when we had our late afternoon snacks there last month.

 photo IMG_20141117_174144_zpsfc123f90.jpg

NY Beef Hotdog Sandwich, Php110.00

This NY Beef Hotdog Sandwich was for hubby. It’s beef hotdog on a bun with chopped onions, pickles and tomatoes. He finished it fast, which means he enjoyed it! I wasn’t able to taste it, though.

 photo IMG_20141117_174259_zps8c6ae90a.jpg

Fish Fillet Sandwich, Php160.00

You might have guessed already that this Fish Fillet Sandwich was mine. It’s crispy-fried breaded parrotfish on a whole wheat sesame seed bun with tomatoes, cheese and mayonnaise. It was simple but delightful, and the parrotfish left a clean taste in the mouth. My only wish is for Taters to make their sandwiches a little bigger to make them more satisfying to customers.

 photo IMG_20141117_174115_zps0d7eb3a6.jpg

House Fryes (Cine Combo), Php90.00and Tortilla Chips (Cine Combo), Php75.00

The House Fryes (that’s how they spell fries) were for our son, but we knew that wasn’t enough, so we ordered Tortilla Chips. We chose White Cheddar flavor (our favorite) for both the chips and the fries. We loved both, but surprisingly, we liked the Tortilla Chips more than the fries. That’s because they were fresh and crunchy and they were served hot.

Next time, we’ll try their Churkey Burger and Cornachos. So, what are your favorite Taters treats?

Level 4, Galleria Cinema Lobby
Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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White Hat’s Oreo Yogurt Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie

We were in the mood for desserts, and hubby suggested we dropped by White Hat at SM Megamall. We had Banoffee Pie and a slice of their Oreo Yogurt Cheesecake.

 photo IMG_20141129_204911_zps6a7c4579.jpg

Oreo Yogurt Cheesecake, Php100 per slice

As the name suggests, this Oreo Yogurt Cheesecake has yogurt, cheesecake and Oreo cookies, three ingredients that the three of us like. It’s dense and creamy. Next time, we want to try their Banana Caramel Walnut.

 photo IMG_20141129_205422_zps7918e4e6.jpg

Banoffee Pie (Regular), Php135.00

We also tried one of White Hat’s pie-inspired new combos, the Banoffee Pie. Banoffee Pie is frozen yogurt topped with bananas and toasted graham and drizzled with caramel syrup. Our son said the yogurt was yummy, but he avoided the bananas because he isn’t really fond of this fruit. That’s not really a problem because hubby and I both love bananas.

After finishing the Oreo Yogurt Cheesecake and the Banoffee Pie, our sweet cravings were satisfied.

White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt
Ground Floor, Building A
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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