Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2020 Adopts an Online + Offline Format to Give Global Audiences a Boundless Gastronomic Experience

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), will implement an “online + offline” format for the first time to give both its local and international audiences a gastronomic experience without time and geographical constraints.

From November 11 to December 15, the Festival will feature exciting online experiences such as Online Wine Cellar, Gourmet at Home Menus, and live-streamed cookery and wine-tasting masterclasses on a new one-stop online platform. Offline experiences will include special deals and gastronomic events from hundreds of dining outlets across the city for consumers to enjoy.

The Festival’s global audience will have free access to 34 online masterclasses that will be live-streamed on WineDineFestival.DiscoverHongKong.com for three consecutive Saturdays and Sundays from November 21 to December 6. These online masterclasses will cover a wide range of topics, from wine and spirits trends to fine dining, healthy eating, and the art of food plating.

Those who enjoy a tipple can tune in to the wine talks by Hong Kong-based, internationally acclaimed critic James Suckling and Master of Wine Debra Meiburg who will share recommendations on the themes “New Wave Bordeaux” and “The Pacific West”, respectively. Suckling will introduce three bottles of affordable new wine from Bordeaux.

“Hong Kong is one of the best wine cities in the world, ranking at the same level as London and New York,” Suckling said. “Hong Kong also remains the number one export market for Bordeaux wines. This year’s Festival is going to reach more people around the world, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Cocktail lovers should not miss award-winning mixologist Jay Khan’s masterclass, which will see the co-founder of Mexican bar COA in action whipping up tequila cocktails. Foodies looking to hone their skills in the kitchen will learn new tips and tricks from the live cooking demonstrations of celebrated Hong Kong chefs like Shane Osborn of Arcane and Cornerstone and Vicky Cheng of VEA Restaurant & Lounge.

Equally interesting is the all-lady line-up on November 28. Themed Lady’s Talk, five influencers, who are shaking up Hong Kong’s food and beverage scene, will each host a masterclass to share a unique take on their own expertise. The influencers in order of appearance are Shirley Kwok, founder of vegan bakery The Cakery, chef Vicky Lau of TATE Dining Room, certified sake sommelier Jamie Lo, Master of Wine Sarah Heller, and actress-turned-winemaker Bernice Liu.

“Although the HKTB’s mega events have been suspended for some time, we are drawing on our ingenuity and resources to optimise and adapt promotions against the backdrop of a pandemic that will be with us for some time,” HKTB Chairman Dr. YK Pang said.

“That’s why we have decided to resume the staging of mega events, and adopt a new ‘online + offline’ format for the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2020. It is a new venture designed for the new normal in which we find ourselves. The HKTB is doing this to ensure people can join this annual event in spite of the pandemic, and to help our hard-hit businesses to promote their products and open up new business opportunities in these challenging times.”

Dr Pang added: “Our objective is to continue giving the Hong Kong economy a boost and to send out a positive message to the world that Hong Kong’s can-do spirit and love of life have not been dampened in any way by the pandemic, and that we can use our innovation to stage our signature events while we prepare to welcome visitors back to our city.”

To get more information about the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2020 and the full programme of the online masterclasses, please visit: WineDineFestival.DiscoverHongKong.com.

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Recent Beverage Find: Buko Juice from Pan de Manila

If I have my way, I’ll drink buko juice every day. That’s because buko juice is my all-time favorite drink. In fact, I like buko juice more than drinking water. Some of the bottled buko juice brands that I’ve been buying are Fruitas Buko Juice, Buko Loco and Lipa Fresh Buko Juice. These “lockdown” days, I get my supply of fresh buko juice from Pan de Manila.

Does the packaging look familiar? I thought so, too! That’s because Pan de Manila’s Buko Juice are manufactured by the same makers of Lipa Fresh Buko Juice. Aside from the fresh coconut water, this has young coconut meat, too. This 500-ml bottle costs Php65.

Why You Should Drink Buko Juice (Coconut Water)

Chilled buko juice instantly perks me up, even more so on a hot day. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also packed with wondrous health benefits. According to NDTV, here are some of the reasons why we should drink buko juice.
• It is an all-natural refreshing drink without preservatives and no added sugar that’s low in calories and carbohydrates but high in essential nutrients.
• It can soothe stomach-related disorders like diarrhea, acid reflux or indigestion.
• It helps boost metabolism, especially if taken early in the morning on an empty stomach.
• It has anti-ageing agents called cytokinins that hydrate the skin and make it glow naturally.
• It has magnesium and potassium that keep the heart healthy.
• It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help strengthen the immune system.
• It is a great cure for hangover.

You can order Pan de Manila bread and beverages through Ms. Alnie Mirante. Her Viber number is 0915-528-3592. Minimum order for delivery is Php500.

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Guide To Buying Art Online

The rise of digital channels and the rapid growth of e-commerce platforms over the last decade have caused people’s buying habits to change dramatically. Many people are now making a majority of their purchases online. This is especially apparent in the world of art where many art collectors, primarily the new art collectors, have turned to buying art online. This is largely a result of art businesses shifting to online and there are several sites that enable customers to browse various quality artworks from around the world right from the comfort of their own home.

It can be a seamless and rewarding process to purchase paintings, sculptures, and photography online, but it is crucial to identify the factors to ensure that buying art online is a positive experience. The factors are to confirm the legitimacy of the website or platform, the authenticity of the work and more. Read on for some tips for buying art online.

So you have come across a piece of art online, want to purchase it, but are unsure how or where to begin? Keep reading on to learn more.

Why Buy Art Online?

By purchasing a beautiful work of art online changes the entire experience of buying art. Buyers are able to easily engage with art with great ease and accessibility. Art galleries are now actively using online platforms to sell works of art and even major auction houses carry out online auctions weekly. Many art collectors have expressed how the ability to purchase works through these digital platforms has encouraged them to buy works by artists outside their country or region.

Tips for Buying Art Online

It is crucial to start searching on a trusted and reliable platform that sells legitimate works of art by recognized artists is the first step to buying art online. This is to prevent being scammed or stuck with art that you cannot return.

Do Your Research

Look into the reliability of the online seller or dealer who serves as the intermediary between the artist, gallery, and the client. Be absolutely certain that you are shopping on a genuine site and check out positive customer reviews and testimonials of that company to ensure that the website is legitimate before you make any purchases.

Credibility and Authenticity

All reliable and genuine online art platforms should sell works that come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a document that determines the artwork artist and date of creation, should accompany every work of art, whether or not it sells. It acts as a stamp of approval that verifies and proves that the work was indeed created by the artist. This certificate is needed should you plan on reselling the piece in the future.

Method of Payment

Just like purchasing items from other websites, you want to be certain that the method of payment is secure. Payment via credit or debit card is the safest. PayPal another trusted form.


When you buy a piece of art you love, you would want it to be handled and shipped by professionals. Ideally, when you buy art online, you should take note of which professional shipping service will be used. For large art pieces, it is better to confirm what the arrangement will be and whether custom-made special crates are needed to protect the artwork during art transport. There are many shipping companies out there ready to carry out your international shipment and very often people often feel overwhelmed when trying to arrange shipping items internationally. Online shipping marketplace platforms such as Shiply can help. By just filling up a simple form, you can receive personalized quotes from international shipping companies directly into your mailbox. You can compare prices and message the shipping companies for details, all in one place.

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