Cool Down This Summer with the New 7-Eleven Slurpee Halo-Halo

Summer has officially arrived, and what better way to cool down this summer than to have a bowl or glass of every Juan’s comfort food, the quintessential halo-halo. Now here’s the good news! Our favorite kapitbahay, 7-Eleven, made our favorite Pinoy dessert more fun and exciting with its very own Slurpee Halo-Halo!

 photo SLURPEEHALOHALO_zps0ygcv36l.jpg

For as low as ₱10, everyone can enjoy a cup of this cool & fizzy Slurpee Halo-Halo that’s refreshingly dispensed at -2°C and comes in a limited edition Ube Flavor!

But what about the halo-halo toppings, you might ask? Well, you can have saba, langka, monggo and sago in your Slurpee Halo-Halo, too, for an additional amount of Php15.

Simply dispense a cup of Slurpee, head on over to the counter to get your Slurpee toppings, and mix them all together!

Now we can all enjoy the classic Filipino favorite in its smoothest version ever this summer with the one and only Slurpee Halo-Halo, starting at only ₱25!

Slurpee Halo-Halo is available in selected 7-Eleven stores only, so head over with your family or friends to one today!

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Le Petit Soufflé, SM Megamall Branch

Le Petit Soufflé really made a lasting impression on me when hubby brought me and our son there for the first time on Black Saturday. The place exudes positive vibes with its bright and colorful interior. Its cozy and laid-back ambiance will make every diner linger a bit more. Chef Christine Lotilla and Chef Miko Aspiras are at the helm of Le Petit Soufflé.

 photo P_20170415_193454_zpsmrwwacrk.jpg

What’s a soufflé to begin with? For the uninitiated, a soufflé is a baked dish made with egg yolks, beaten egg whites and other ingredients. Souffles can be served as a main course or as desserts.

So what did we order at Le Petit Soufflé? We tried three of their bestselling dishes, namely: Le Petit Carbonara Soufflé, Squid Ink Riz and Japanese Beouf Curry.

 photo P_20170415_191906_zpsjzt0w7j8.jpg

Le Petit Carbonara Soufflé, Php355.00

Our son, a certified carbonara lover, would never pass up the chance to try the Le Petit Carbonara Soufflé. It’s fettuccini with bacon, egg, cream sauce and cashew. The soufflé topping makes it more interesting and lovely to look at, and this also adds to the creaminess of the carbonara. Our son approves of this! He wasn’t able to finish all of it, though, because the serving was quite big for his 10-year-old tummy.

 photo P_20170415_191933_zpsdbjscyyp.jpg

The Le Petit Carbonara Soufflé comes with three slices of bread. My son barely touched these, though, because he was already satisfied with his carbonara.

 photo P_20170415_192244_zpsnx1mhf1l.jpg photo P_20170415_192358_zpshpwvdumb.jpg

Squid Ink Riz, Php395.00

The Squid Ink Riz is another bestseller at Le Petit Soufflé. It’s like Paella Negra made with short-grain Japanese rice with squid ink served with seared shimeji mushrooms and grilled seafood (shrimps, squid, scallops and mussels) plus scrambled egg. And if you noticed, there’s salmon roe, too, for the Japanese touch. We love all the ingredients in this dish, but we find it leaning more on the salty side.

 photo P_20170415_193454_zpsmrwwacrk.jpg

Japanese Beouf Curry, Php495.00

This was how the Japanese Beouf Curry looked like when it was served on our table. The fluffy yellow thing on top is cheese soufflé. Underneath the cheese soufflé are beef short plate strips with Japanese rice.

 photo P_20170415_193615_zpsltxxqrvl.jpg

This Japanese Beouf Curry is really flavorful, and hubby and I enjoyed eating it hot.

We haven’t tried Le Petit Soufflé’s desserts, though, so we’ll definitely come back soon.

Le Petit Soufflé
2/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus: A Scrumptious Lenten Dish at GoodAh!!!

The bangus-lover in me got so pumped up over GoodAh!!!’s latest food offering: Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus! I got first dibs on this tasty and healthy dish last Wednesday at GoodAh!!!’s Metrowalk branch, together with fellow bloggers.

 photo DSCN9141_zpsgish5lof.jpg

Whether bangus (milkfish) is put in Sinigang, stuffed and grilled like Relyeno, or split, seasoned and fried as Daing, Pinoys would go to the trouble of taking out all the bones from this fish just to enjoy its light and slightly creamy meat and its delicious fatty belly.

I really don’t mind taking all the bones out of a milkfish, but my husband and son find doing that so inconvenient. That’s why I always buy deboned bangus at the supermarket so that we can all enjoy our favorite milkfish dishes minus the hassle.

 photo DSCN9133_zpszmrlc0cw.jpg

Marites Ignacio, Operations Head of GoodAh!!!

And this is also the reason why GoodAh!!!’s Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus will surely be a hit with not only my boys but also with every Pinoy family.

So what’s different about GoodAh!!!’s Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus? Well, aside from using boneless medium-sized bangus cut into four pieces, the fish was first fried to crispy, golden perfection before it’s placed on top of a steaming pot of miso soup loaded with fresh and crisp veggies.

 photo DSCN9146_zpsibqwsspt.jpg

And because GoodAh!!!’s Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus is served in a hot pot, diners can all enjoy the heartwarming hot soup and pair it with several cups of rice, relishing each bite of the boneless bangus meat, veggies and the sour-savory Miso soup.

Since Holy Week is near, now is the perfect time to enjoy this sumptuous healthy dish. The soft and creamy texture of milkfish meat with its fried crunchy exterior gives diners a delicious contrast in textures. The vegetables are perfectly cooked, with a crispness in every bite. The miso soup balances every flavor with its rich complexity that really catches the season. Bangus lovers like me will definitely enjoy this new dish from GoodAh!!!, especially during this Lenten season, when meat dishes are limited for those who are fasting or abstaining.

 photo DSCN9130_zpszgfw1sfq.jpg

GoodAh!!!’s Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus is now available in all 7 Metro Manila branches for just PhP 199.00 (a la carte) or Php229 (set meal), which is already good for two to three people.

For an extraordinary gastronomic experience, try this Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus with GoodAh’s recent popular food offerings, like Krispy Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata and Bulalugaw.

For more than 30 years now, GoodAh!!! has been treating Pinoys to interesting culinary discoveries. This is evident in their coined acronym dishes like Tapsilog,Tosi, Longsi, and many others that have become an essential part of popular Filipino meals today, and take note, each one is “Pagkaing Good for Every-All”!

Visit GoodAh!!!’s website ( and their FB page ( to know more about their exciting food offerings.

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