Eat Pinoy by Cabalen at SM Aura Premier

We were at SM Aura Premier two Saturdays ago. We were having a hard time choosing where to have dinner because of the many choices available for us, and we ended up dining at SM Aura’s high-end food court, Food on Four. And because we wanted rice for dinner, we opted for Eat Pinoy by Cabalen. Here, we ordered Kare-Kare, Embutidong Bangus and Sampelot.

 photo P_20150221_173601_zpsstlfybyw.jpg

Kare-Kare, Php250.00

Hubby’s choice was Kare-Kare. This oxtail stew in peanut sauce was already good on its own, but hubby still ate it with bagoong (shrimp paste) because he said he really liked the taste of Eat Pinoy’s bagoong. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the softness of the oxtail.

 photo P_20150221_173540_zpswrkqxtf3.jpg

Embutidong Bangus, Php150.00

Because I’m a milkfish fanatic. I simply must try this Embutidong Bangus. As you can see, the price of Php150.00 was quite reasonable for the size of this fully loaded fish dish. Too much of it, however, could have a cloying effect, so we didn’t bother finishing the entire serving. It’s best paired with ketchup, by the way.

 photo P_20150221_173616_zpsbryeycuu.jpg

Sampelot, Php60.00

Sampelot or Ginataang Halo-Halo is hubby’s all-time favorite Pinoy dessert. This was by far the best food item we’ve ordered at Eat Pinoy that day. It had all the ingredients we like in Ginataang Halo-Halo, like sweet plantain, langka, sago (tapioca pearls) and bilo-bilo (sticky rice balls in coconut milk), plus the sweetness was just right.

Next time we visit Eat Pinoy again, we will try their Callos or Beef Kaldereta.

Eat Pinoy Corp.
Food on Four, Level 4, SM Aura Premier
BGC, Taguig City

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Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Today!

Krispy Kreme, known worldwide for its signature coffee and roster of premium and delectable doughnuts, opens its 1,000th shop in Kansas City today. To celebrate this significant milestone, Krispy Kreme is giving away 1,000 Original Glazed doughnuts simultaneously to millions of fans in 1,000 participating locations, targeting a total of 1 million free doughnuts all over the world.

 photo 1000Shops_zps4a6d50a3.jpg
Krispy Kreme’s global president Dan Beam leads Krispy Kreme Philippines in marking this momentous occasion by announcing the 1,000 doughnut give-away in around 36 local stores, from Subic, Metro Manila, all the way to Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo and Davao. To avail this yummy treat, you just need to be “spotted” with your favorite Original Glazed doughnut. Visit any participating store to sign-up, show your snapshot of the OG, and finally show up at the store today, February 24. You can freely share your Krispy Kreme experience to the world by posting #KrispyKremeAt1000 on Twitter and Instagram.

“The Philippines is such a great market for Krispy Kreme. Not only is there tremendous growth opportunities, there is also a very welcoming and exciting vibe among our loyal customers who have become accustomed to the fun and delightful experience of a global brand with a touch of the Filipino’s passionate and heartwarming service,” shared Beem,

Because Krispy Kreme believes in giving back to the community, it it will share 1,000 of its Original Glazed doughnuts to support the advocacy of the Philippine Red Cross to uplift the lives of Filipinos in need.

“We take pride in being where we are right now. As we celebrate this momentous occasion with our millions of fans worldwide, we are even more committed to continuously seek better ways to touch and enhance the lives of our customers through the joy that is Krispy Kreme, ” said Beem.

Visit to learn more about this promo. Check out Krispy Kreme on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: (KrispyKremePH), too.

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Valentine’s Day Dinner at Café de Bonifacio

I didn’t have time to prepare dinner last Saturday because I was busy helping my son review for his tests this week. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, hubby suggested dining out. We went to The Podium and had a quick family dinner at Café de Bonifacio. The last time we visited this restaurant was three years ago. I remember we liked their Herbed Oyster in Crispy Egg Wrapper with Special Chef Sauce. For our Valentine’s Day dinner, we had Sizzling Crispy Sisig and Binakol na Manok.

 photo P_20150214_202836_zps261821fa.jpg

Sizzling Crispy Sisig, Php210.00

Hubby and I both love sisig served on a sizzling plate, and we also like crispy foods, so the combination of both was what prompted hubby to order this Sizzling Crispy Sisig. It was crunchy alright and full of flavor, too, with calamansi, chili peppers, egg and lots of onions. It was sinfully delicious! The serving was also fair enough for the price.

 photo P_20150214_203021_zps162f9d71.jpg

Binakol na Manok, Php280.00

This chicken dish was another hit. Binakol na Manok is stewed chicken with coconut meat and coconut water. It’s similar to Tinolang Manok, but it tastes a lot better. The addition of the soft coconut meat and water gave this tasty chicken dish subtle sweetness which I found enjoyable. They also used boneless chicken here for hassle-free eating, plus I had all the soup I wanted because look, the bowl is huge! I love it!

 photo P_20150214_202554_zps502b6bb3.jpg

Red Iced Tea (Bottomless), Php75.00; Buko Lychee Shake, Php95.00; Ripe Mango Shake, Php95.00

Our son had Red Iced Tea, while hubby had Ripe Mango Shake. Since I didn’t hear any complaints from them, I suppose their drinks were okay. I had Buko Lychee Shake with no added sugar.

Our second visit to Café de Bonifacio was so much better than the first one. We had a hearty and satisfying dinner. We also got three free heart pastillas as their Valentine’s Day treat to their customers.

Café de Bonifacio
5th Level, The Podium
Mandaluyong City

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