Il Padrino Coffee at Robinsons Galleria

We were finally able to try Il Padrino Coffee at Robinsons Galleria last month. Because we didn’t know what to order, we trusted the suggestions of our food server. We had Italian White Pizza, Seafood Marinara and Margherita Pasta with Herbed Fish.

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Complimentary focaccia bread with dip

While waiting for our food, we were given a small basket of focaccia bread with a dip (olive oil and soy sauce, I think). The bread was soft, and the dip made it more interesting to nibble on. Our son loved it!

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Italian White Pizza (10”), Php290.00

Italian White Pizza is pizza with cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, bacon, olives, garlic and fresh basil leaves. I loved the bacon and the cheese but not the olives. Hubby and son didn’t like it much, so I think we’ll have a different pizza next time.

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Margherita Pasta with Herbed Fish, Php170.00

I was excited to try this Margherita Pasta with Herbed Fish, seared dory with Il Padrino’s Mediterranean rub tossed in tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese and topped with parmesan cheese. The first few forkfuls were okay, but the taste became a bit cloying after a while that I wasn’t able to finish all of it.

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Seafood Marinara, Php180.00

This Seafood Marinara is shrimp, squid and fish fillet with pomodoro sauce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. This was good! I actually liked this better than the Margherita Pasta with Herbed Fish. The pasta was cooked al dente with a generous serving of seafood in rich and slightly sweet sauce.

The prices of food at Il Padrino Coffee were quite reasonable, but we have yet to discover what we really like from their list of food offerings. We will only know that if we order other items on their menu next time.

Il Padrino Coffee
4th Level, West Wing
Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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Spatzle Euro Market Café at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

I haven’t been blogging much since school opened last June for lack of time. Being without a helper for 6 months makes it really hard for me to juggle my daily tasks which include my online work, household chores, helping my grade-schooler with school work, and blogging. After 5 days, finally, I have a new food article. Yay! We tried Spatzle Euro Market Café at Shangri-La Plaza Mall last June 15. It’s a small rustic restaurant located at Shangri-La East Wing that offers European dishes. I’ve read from other blog posts that complimentary chips were served on the customers’ table while orders are being prepared, but we had none of those. I wonder why. Anyway, our lunch at Spatzle consisted of chicken and pork dishes.

 photo IMG_20140615_144616_zps599ccdd8.jpg

TGIF Chicken (Solo), Php320.00

This TGIF Chicken was not on their menu, but our server suggested we try it. She said unlike the Spatz Fried Chicken, this TGIF Chicken was marinated first before it was fried. So that’s the reason why it was so flavorful. It was also soft and juicy inside. It came with two dips (paprika gravy and oh, I forgot the other one, sorry!) and country fries. We all enjoyed this!

 photo IMG_20140615_144722_zps5d1c9448.jpg

Weekend Roast Pork Belly, Php685.00

This Weekend Roast Pork Belly is one of Spatzle’s house specialties. It’s half a kilo of slow-roasted pork belly with citrus and rosemary rub drizzled with peachy-pork jus and served with vegetable salad and garlic rice. As expected, the meat was tender, but it had a sweet flavor that overpowered the meat. Hubby and I liked the TGIF Chicken better than this.

 photo IMG_20140615_144026_zpse1946e80.jpg

Spatz All-Natural Caffeine-Free Iced Tea, Php98.00

We also tried Spatz All-Natural Caffeine-Free Iced Tea. It was bland, but I finished my glass. Our son, however, took only one sip. He said he didn’t like it and just opted for a glass of cold water instead.

We’ll definitely order the TGIF Chicken again but will choose a different pork dish and drinks on our next visit to Spatzle.

Spatzle Euro Market Café
Level 5, East Wing
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City

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Delicious Offerings at Solaire Food Court

We had an overnight staycation at Solaire last June 12, and for our first night there, we had dinner at the Food Court. Yes, you heard it right, Solaire has a Food Court where prices of food offerings are affordable but delicious.

 photo IMG_20140607_192010_zpsd36a936f.jpg photo DSCN4615_zpsc2d2345a.jpg

Solaire’s Food Court offers six unique dining experiences which include the following: (1) Patisserie for pastries, muffins and coffee; (2) Americano for New York style pizzas and burgers; (3) Chicken Lickin’ for various chicken dishes; (4) Filipiniana for Filipino favorites; (5) Pan Asian for comfort food from the east; and (6) Sapporo for Japanese food.

 photo DSCN4627_zps9d8c737c.jpg

Kerala Chicken Curry, Php240.00

I got this Kerala Chicken Curry from Pan Asian. It was spicy, just the way I like it, and the meat was tender. The serving was huge, too, so it’s actually good for sharing. It went really well with the tasty and delicious Basmati rice.

 photo DSCN4629_zpsfa6590af.jpg

Beef Rendang, Php260.00

Hubby’s Beef Rendang was from Pan Asian, too. I had some of these and noticed that my Kerala Chicken Curry and this Beef Rendang tasted quite similar. Hubby enjoyed it a lot that an extra serving of Basmati rice was imperative. Although there were a few pieces of meat that were a bit chewy, this Beef Rendang was nonetheless yummy.

 photo DSCN4631_zpsaa36b930.jpg

Cheese Fries, Php260.00

Our young man took delight in these oh-so-cheesy Cheese Fries. That’s a lot of fries for a 7-year-old, so hubby and I had to eat some of it to lessen his load. Lol!

 photo DSCN4632_zpsfdc397aa.jpg

Chocolate Napoleon, Php120.00

I love cakes that aren’t cloyingly sweet, and this Chocolate Napoleon met that standard.

Prior to our June 12 staycation, we already went to Solaire just to take a look around. We also went to Solaire’s Food Court to try their food offerings. That time, we opted for Filipino dishes at Filipiniana, ordering Soy Ginger Fish and Beef Caldereta.

 photo IMG_20140607_192440_zpscb4fb994.jpg

Soy Ginger Fish, Php240.00

I was surprised to see two medium-sized tilapia on my plate as I was expecting only one, but hey, I’m not complaining. I actually liked that very much! This Soy Ginger Fish was savory with a subtle hint of sweetness.

 photo IMG_20140607_192319_zps2b335350.jpg

Beef Caldereta, Php240.00

Beef Caldereta, as most of us already know, is stewed beef in tomato sauce. The beef was tender with just the right amount of spice. It was also seasoned just right.

So far, everything we’ve tried at Solaire Food Court was good, so yes, we’re looking forward to our next visit. And oh, you should try their refreshing Passionata (Orange Iced Tea), too!

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