Indulge in Some Keto Bites at Marco Polo’s Café Pronto

Great news for all keto fanatics out there! Marco Polo’s Café Pronto offers delightful keto-friendly desserts that will satisfy your sweet cravings without the guilt. You can have a Keto Cheesecake and Keto Chocolate Cake for only Php285. You can also enjoy their keto bread, which is best paired with black bulletproof coffee upon request.

Clockwise: Keto Bread, Keto Cheesecake, and Keto Chocolate Cake

Enjoy rewarding sweet treats without regret at Café Pronto. Located on the Ground Floor of the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Cafe Pronto is open daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. For inquiries or advanced orders, please call (632) 720-7720.

For more information about Marco Polo Ortigas Manila and its ongoing promotions, please contact (632) 720-7777 or visit Subscribe to updates via social media through the hotel’s official social media accounts: and @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter and Instagram.

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Rackshack, Circuit Makati

We haven’t really been going out on weekends the way we used to. Ever since our son entered junior high in Pisay, he seems not to be running out of things to do for school even on weekends, so yeah, our family weekend schedule now depends on him.

We went to Circuit Makati for the first time on a Sunday, checked out the stores there, and had dinner at Rackshack. We had Loaded Fries, Shack Platter, Shack Slaw, and Brownie S’mores.

Loaded Fries, Php275

Loaded Fries are crunchy skinny fries filled with pulled pork, cheese, and jalapeños and sprinkled with sour cream. What a unique way to enjoy fries!

Shack Platter, Php840

We highly recommend their Shack Platter, which is good for 4 people. On the platter are 2 pieces of ribs, ½ crack fried chicken, and 4 cups of rice. We enjoyed their crack fried chicken to the hilt; it’s super crispy outside and moist and flavorful inside. The tender, succulent ribs were equally delightful, with five different signature sauces to choose from: Mother Sauce, Hoisin, Carolina Gold, Kansas Style, and Spicy Mother Sauce. If you were to ask us which of the two we like more, hands down, it would be the crack fried chicken. Try it to believe it!

Shack Slaw, Php70

Rackshack’s coleslaw a.k.a. Shack Slaw is finely chopped cabbage with creamy mustard dressing. This was fine, although I prefer coleslaw with a tinge of sweetness.

Brownie S’mores, Php195

We expected to see ice cream and toppings on this Brownie S’mores, but it didn’t have any. We realized too late that what we ordered was just the plain Brownie S’mores. Only when I checked the menu again after our dessert was already served did I notice that you have to pay extra for the ice cream scoops and toppings you want for your Brownie S’mores. And because we failed to see this important detail when we ordered, we didn’t get to enjoy this Brownie S’mores as much, which I also found to be a tad too sweet.

Everything we had at Rackshack was good, save for the blunder we made in not ordering ice cream and toppings for our Brownie S’mores. Next time we’ll be wiser.

Lower Ground Level
Ayala Malls Circuit Lane
Makati City

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Mary Grace Café at Robinsons Galleria

Mary Grace Café is one of those places we go to if we’re looking for good food and great ambiance. Because we live near Robinsons Galleria, their branch at this mall is the one we frequently visit. We have recently had dinner there with our usual fare: soup, breakfast all-day meals and dessert.

Seafood Chowder, Php209

afé Mary Grace’s soup offerings are truly hearty, like they promised. We’ve tried their Seafood Chowder and Wild Mushroom Soup, and we loved them both! Made with seafood broth, this Seafood Chowder (photo above) has cream dory, clams, mussels and prawns. So healthy and yummy!

Wild Mushroom Soup, Php189

This Wild Mushroom Soup combines the meaty and smoky flavor of shiitake mushrooms, rich cream and milk. It’s smooth and flavorful and definitely one I’d love to have again on our next visit.

Sirloin Beef Tapa, Php438

All three of us ordered their Breakfast All Day meals for dinner. All breakfast meals are served with either eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up) or omelet (ham and cheese omelet or mushroom and cheese omelet). I chose to have scrambled eggs for my Sirloin Beef Tapa. The meat has a subtle sweetness to it and not salty, which I liked. It wasn’t as tender as I expected but manageable nonetheless.

Each breakfast meal order comes with these condiments, too: tomato and onion salsa, pickled mangoes, and spiced vinegar. My fave are the pickled mangoes.

Vigan Longganisa, Php420

Vigan Longganisa was the perfect choice for hubby who loves his longganisa garlicky, salty, tangy and spicy.

Pork Tocino, Php348

How was our son’s Pork Tocino? My son shuns pork fat, so I appreciate that Mary Grace Café offers fatless tocino, and they’re tender, too. He wasn’t able to finish all the meat, though, as he was busy gorging on his sunny-side up egg as well.

Mango Bene, Php228 per slice

If you love mangoes and cakes that are not overly sweet, then this Mango Bene would suit you best. Sandwiched between frozen layers of meringue with custard cream are fresh and sweet ripe mangoes that would give your hearty dinner that extra oomph.

It was a lovely dinner at Mary Grace Café, and we are looking forward to our next visit.

Mary Grace Café
3rd Level, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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