Sbarro at Robinsons Galleria

Sbarro at Robinsons Galleria now occupies the space vacated by Kangaroo Jack. We dropped by Sbarro for a quick dinner two Sundays ago

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Baked Ziti (Whole), Php183.00

Hubby meant to share this with our 8-year-old son. Baked Ziti has ziti macaroni, mozzarella, Romano cheese, ricotta and tomato sauce or Alfredo sauce. The little boy ate only a little of this because he said it’s a little bland.

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Super Supreme (Slice), Php120.00

Super Supreme is one of Sbarro’s gourmet pan pizza with Italian sausage, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, olives and mozzarella. I guess hubby enjoyed this because he finished it in no time.

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Sbarro Rice, Php68.00

Because I want rice for dinner, I ordered Sbarro rice and Chicken Parmigiana (see below). Sbarro Rice is simply rice mixed with chicken and veggies. I liked that the serving was generous, but as I got halfway through my plate, the taste became somewhat cloying. That didn’t prevent me, however, from finishing the entire plate. Lol!

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Chicken Parmigiana, Php112.00

I paired my Sbarro rice with Chicken Parmigiana. It’s boneless chicken that’s breaded, then fried, and served with parmigiana sauce. This was okay, except that the chicken was a bit oily.

What’s your favorite food from Sbarro?

Level 2, East Lane
Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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Revisiting La Creperie at Robinsons Galleria

It’s been more than a year since we last visited La Creperie at Robinsons Galleria. Last August 20, after watching the blocked screening of the movie Planes: Fire & Rescue at Robinsons Movieworld, we decided to drop by La Creperie to have dinner.

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French Fries, Php65.00

Our son was undecided on what he wanted to eat. He wasn’t in the mood to eat pasta or burger, but he said yes right away when we suggested French Fries, so that’s what he got with a ketchup dip. These French fries were served hot, they were crispy, and they tasted fresh.

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Hungarian Sausage, Php295.00

Hubby ordered Hungarian Sausage, one of La Creperie’s Philippine-style breakfast meals. It has pan-fried Hungarian sausage with grilled oinions, two eggs, garlic rice, chopped tomatoes and green salad, and mustard sauce. Hubby enjoyed it. He also said that his sunny-side up eggs were perfectly done.

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Sole Meuniere, Php385.00

What I had was a classic French dish called Sole Meuniere. It’s sole fillet sautéed in butter with lemon, capers and parsley, served with rice and green salad. It’s simple yet so delightful. The sole fillet was soft, succulent and tasty. I’ll never get tired of eating this!

Because we had a delicious dinner at La Creperie. This restaurant deserves another visit.

La Creperie
Level 2, East Wing, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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Brasas at The Podium

We didn’t go out last Saturday, but we made a quick trip to The Podium the next day to have dinner at Brasas, a small restaurant that specializes in Latin American street food. Because we didn’t know what to order, we simply relied on the suggestion of the waitstaff. We had Chivito al Plato, a dish from Uruguay, which is good for 2 to 3 people. We also tried their Tres Leches for dessert and their Latin Iced Tea.

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Chivito al Plato (Sharing Plate) with 3 Dipping Sauces, Php645.00

Chivito al Plato, an Uruguayan dish with beef tenderloin steak, smoked pulled pork, grilled chicken thigh fillet, tajadas (fried slices of ripe plantain), Spanish rice topped with sunny-side up egg and South American slaw, served with three dipping sauces: chipotle (smoky and lightly spicy), cheese and chimchurri (green sauce for grilled meat). This was a good choice for us as it had three different kinds of meat with different flavors to offer.

My personal favorite was the soft, moist and tasty beef tenderloin steak, while hubby preferred the smoked pulled pork, which is quite similar to our local liempo. I also enjoyed the sweet plantain slices, the flavorful Spanish rice and the sweet and tangy South American slaw. For the dipping sauces, I favored the chimchurri and chipotle. Because we liked Chivito al Plato so much, we had to order an extra serving of Spanish rice. Yummy!

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Tres Leches, Php130.00

Unknown to my son and me, hubby ordered dessert, the Tres Leches. Because he bought it at whim, he never bothered checking the ingredients. Tres Leches is a fluffy chiffon cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk and topped with whipped cream. Hubby isn’t fond of milk, ergo, he didn’t like it. Our son took one bite only. I also tried it, and my observation was that it was soft and wet and sweet.

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Latin Iced Tea, Php80.00

Latin Iced Tea is passion fruit-infused iced tea with lime and honey. It was okay.

What we really enjoyed at Brasas was the Chivito al Plato. We’d like to come back to try their other specialties.

5th Floor, The Podium
Mandaluyong City

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