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I was very early for my dental appointment yesterday. I have already learned my lesson not to be late for this when it was my son’s turn last week. Because we were almost 30 minutes behind our scheduled appointment time, the clinic had to accommodate patients who came in early and we had to wait an hour at least to be attended to. Sigh!

So yeah, because I don’t like wasting time, I went 30 minutes early not realizing that the mall where the dental clinic is located won’t open until 10:00 a.m. Tough luck! I would have been exasperated at the ituation I was in, but I wasn’t. That’s because I found something amusing to do while waiting in line for the mall doors to open. I was playing jigsaw puzzles online at JSPuzzles using my smartphone.

At JSPuzzles, you’ll find any and all types of jigsaw puzzles there is. From simple to complicated, entertaining to challenging, JSPuzzles have the most exciting puzzles for you, with different themes to choose from. They also post a new puzzle with a different theme every day so there’s something exciting to look forward to in the mornings before you start your daily grind.

Their jigsaw puzzles are also fun and safe for all ages, so you, your kids and the entire family will definitely have a grand time solving jigsaw puzzles at JSPuzzles. No money, no worries! You don’t need to spend anything on these unique puzzles because they’re all for free! So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and enjoy these free online jigsaw puzzles now!

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Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee at Makansutra, SM Megamall

We finally got to try dining at Makansutra in SM Megamall last Sunday.

 photo P_20170611_191448_zpsswtem4nq.jpg

There were only a few people inside when we came, so it was a breeze going around to check what the place has to offer their hungry and/or curious customers. We finally settled for Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee.

 photo P_20170611_183609_zpswnu3gczb.jpg

We ordered the following for lunch: Salted Egg Pork, Prawn Paste Chicken and Seafood Mixed Vegetables.

 photo P_20170611_184538_zpsg7aga89m.jpg

Salted Egg Pork, Php380.00

The Salted Egg Pork is, deep-fried pork cutlets with salted egg yolk sauce, was my son’s ultimate favorite I knew he enjoyed it a lot because he finished his plate of rice, which rarely happens when we eat out, and to think that the serving was quite huge plus the fact that he’s not really fond of pork in the first place. So yeah, that’s one for the books. While eating, he said he wanted to bring some of it home (gusto pa ng take-out. Lol!). That’s how much he loved it! Hubby and I tried it and liked it, too. The sweet-salty-spicy combination was really good! The pork was also reasonably tender.

 photo P_20170611_184942_zpsfseyljv6.jpg

Prawn Paste Chicken (6 pcs.), Php350.00

Prawn Paste Chicken is another must-try! Super crunchy and delicious deep-fried chicken generously sprinkled with shrimp floss and served with sweet chili sauce. To be honest, we didn’t use the sauce because the chicken already tasted good on its own. We loved this, too!

 photo P_20170611_184613_zpsrwceuxjj.jpg

Seafood Mixed Vegetables, Php320.00

The Seafood Mixed Vegetables is quite plain-looking, yes, but it was delightful! It has squid and hubby said shrimps (but I didn’t get to see these) plus cabbage, mushrooms and carrots. It’s similar to our chopsuey but tastes so much better.

That was a pleasurable lunch we had at Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee at Makansutra, and for sure, we will be back!

2nd Level, Building A
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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ShopBack Lets You Enjoy Cashback, Coupons and More!

In a few days’ time, my 11-year-old grade-schooler will be back to the grind. We have been busy for the last two weeks scrambling to complete the tasks we needed to accomplish before school opens this June 13.

My son has just recently finished the remaining two sessions of his drum lessons and has performed in the summer recital, too. He also had a party to attend before the recital, photo shoots in school the day after, then medical and dental check-ups plus flu shot. And oh, his school uniforms are still getting repaired!

So yeah, this mom who blogs, can’t breathe anymore. I need all the help I can get! Thank heavens, online shopping came to life! Now I can attend to these mommy duties without necessarily neglecting my family’s needs. Consider the benefits. No traffic and no long lines at the cashier mean I save time, energy and money big time!

At ShopBack, for instance, I can order almost anything at the comfort of my own home. I also get fabulous deals and huge discounts in more than 500 stores like eBay. And that’s not all! I also get a percentage of my shopping money for online purchases made using ShopBack. I score great savings at ShopBack using coupons, too!

For the uninitiated, here’s how ShopBack works:
• Click on your preferred store at ShopBack. You’ll get redirected to that store’s website.
• Make your online purchase.
• Receive cashback in your ShopBack account.
• Your cashback becomes redeemable after the merchant validates your order.
• You can request for payout to your PayPal or bank account when your redeemable cashback reaches Php300.

No time to cook? No problem! Just go online, save on dining with cashback at ShopBack and have someone deliver food to your doorstep with FoodPanda vouchers. You can even have an overseas food adventure with Expedia coupons if you like.

And since Father’s Day is coming up, you can also check out some appliances at these electronic stores for the man of the house. After all, he deserves all the love and attention on this special day.

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