Tenya Tempura Tendon at SM Megamall

We had dinner at Tenya Tempura Tendon (Tenya) at SM Megamall early this November. To make our lives easier, we ordered set meals for the three of us.

 photo P_20151107_200913_1_p_zpsikjb1b40.jpg

All Star Tempura Teishoku, Php430.00

Hubby opted to have the All Star Tempura Teishoku. It’s a set meal with prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushroom, as well as Japanese rice, miso soup, potato salad, radish and ginger. He finished everything on his tray which means he enjoyed his meal. However, I think the price of this set meal is not commensurate with the serving size.

 photo P_20151107_200941_zpsggec7w1r.jpg

Classic Tempura Teishoku, Php360.00

My order, the Classic Tempura Teishoku, has prawn, squid, kisu (Japanese seasonal fish), green beans and sweet potato. Like hubby’s meal, this has Japanese rice, miso soup, potato salad, radish and ginger, too. Here are my impressions: First, everything was delightfully crispy without being oily. The squid was soft inside which means it’s perfectly cooked. The potato salad was okay, but I’d much prefer kani salad over this. The miso soup was standard. We also had Japanese okoy (I don’t know what’s the Japanese term for this; it’s called shrimp fritters in English) in our food baskets (me and hubby’s).

 photo P_20151107_202020_zpssnczlynk.jpg

This is a close-up shot of the shrimp fritter. Can anyone tell me what this is called in Japanese?

 photo P_20151107_200434_zps8mgawrh2.jpg

Kids Meal 1, Php245.00

When you order Kids Meal 1, you’ll get one black tiger prawn, chicken fillet, onigiri (Japanese rice ball), ningyo-yaki (small baked snack cake – the teddy bear) and a bottle of Yakult. Our son loved the prawn and chicken fillet dipped in tempura sauce, but he only took a bite of the onigiri and gave the rest to me. The spoon and fork for kids are really nice, but they’re too small for our 9-year-old.

 photo P_20151107_203848_zpsgtnj3yq5.jpg

Ningyo-Yaki Sundae, Php125.00

When we ordered Ningyo-Yaki Sundae, we didn’t know yet that ningyo-yaki was the teddy bear baked cake that was included in our son’s kiddie meal. I only learned about it after making a Google search of what we ordered at Tenya. This dessert has the small teddy bear baked cake and vanilla ice cream drizzled with Nutella. According to the menu, this sweet treat is famous in Asakusa, Japan.

Despite an order mix-up – we were given an appetizer that wasn’t ours — it was a pleasant first visit to Tenya. Next time, we’ll try their Tendon (rice bowl).

Tenya Tempura Tendon
4th Level, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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A Mouth-Watering Tapa Festival at GoodAh!!!

I was part of a select group of food bloggers who were invited to the GoodAh!!! Tapa Festival at their Metrowalk branch yesterday. We got to try the three special tapa offerings of GoodAh!!!: Tapa Flakes, Tapa Bacon and the Original Tapsilog.

 photo DSCN9244_zpsbfmx9usp.jpg

While waiting for our tapa plates, we were served a bowl of delightfully crunchy and tasty chicharon.

 photo DSCN9232_zpsmhs03h48.jpg

If this sinfully addicting chicharon won’t whet your appetite, I don’t know what will. All bowls in all the tables were empty by the time our tapa arrived. It was a crowd favorite!

 photo DSCN9243_zpsy1cnvgrr.jpg

Tapa Flakes, Php129.00

One bite and I was hooked. GoodAh!!!’s Tapa Flakes were so good I finished everything in no time. They’re perfectly seasoned and oh so crispy! Finely shredded beef flanks were cooked adobo-style then deep-fried to come up with irresistibly yummy Tapa Flakes which were served with garlic fried rice, sunny side-up egg and atchara (pickled green papaya)

 photo DSCN9239_zpsnxyu9u0t.jpg

Tapa Bacon, Php119.00

Itching to try something new? Have a plate of Tapa Bacon. For this tapa variant, pork belly strips were marinated with spices and powdered smoked flavor. If you’re like me who likes soft and chewy bacon, then you should definitely try this. I took home some of this, and my 9-year-old son liked it a lot.

 photo DSCN9241_zpsqfujl1om.jpg

Original Tapsilog, Php114.00

The Original Tapsilog is the tapa that started it all. Made with 100% marinated beef sirloin and with a hint of sweetness, you’ll love how tender and moist it is. If you’re undecided which tapa variant to order, you’ll always be safe with this one. All tapa variants are best paired with GoodAh!!!’s spiced vinegar.

Aside from tapa, GoodAh!!! also serves other Altanghap (Almusal-Tanghalian-Hapunan) meals (Tosilog, Longsilog, Bangsilog, Shangsilog), other Pinoy favorites (Beef Nilaga, Pork Sinigang, Pares, etc.), Beef Hotpot, Lugaw, Mami and Chicken and Pork Barbecue, among many others. Treating your family and friends to GoodAh!!! won’t cost you an arm and a leg as prices of their food are very affordable. Their waitstaff are friendly and accommodating, too.

Enjoy Pinoy comfort food at its best at the store that never sleeps. GoodAh!!! – Pagkaing Good for Every-All – is open 25 hours a day.

Ground Floor, Metrowalk Commercial Complexst
Meralco Avenue, Ugong
Pasig City
For delivery, call: 4-707070

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Fireside by Kettle at SM Megamall

Because hubby found delightful items at Fireside by Kettle at SM Megamall when he went there with his officemates, he took us (me and our son) there one Saturday in October. We had Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers and 50/50 Meatloaf.

 photo P_20151010_121130_zps3ojsbw7f.jpg

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers, Php489.00

Our son liked this slightly spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers a lot. It is crispy outside and tender and juicy inside. It makes use of Cajun Ritz breading and comes with home-style gravy and cornbread doughnuts. The cornbread doughnuts actually served as our dessert. Fluffy and slightly sweet, these cornbread doughnuts already taste good on their own but definitely better with a little honey on top.

 photo P_20151010_121109_zpsle7e4oh0.jpg
50/50 Meatloaf, Php389.00

Are you intrigued by the name of this dish? Well, so was I. It is called 50/50 Meatloaf because it consists of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground Angus beef. It is served with barbeque sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. This meatloaf is thick (obviously) and moist and soft. It is also very tasty albeit a tad salty. As for the side dish, hubby said it was one of the best mashed potatoes he’s ever had.

We only ordered two main dishes, but the three of us weren’t able to finish everything during our visit to Fireside by Kettle because first, the servings were huge and second, we paired them with rice which made us quite full already.

Fireside by Kettle
3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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