Food Trip Friday: Hyphy’s at The Veranda

We got to try Hyphy’s by Chef Bruce Lim at The Veranda of Robinsons Galleria a few weekends ago. Because it was midafternoon when we went, we decided to order pasta instead of rice meals. We had Sisig Pasta, Malunggay Pasta and Clam Pasta.

Say cheese!

Our food attendant was very accommodating. He even gave us complimentary garlic fries much to the delight of the little boy.

Complimentary garlic fries

Sisig Pasta, Php170.00

Chopped up mascara mixed with a tangy cream sauce and tossed with pasta

This was hubby’s order. He loves sisig, so he wanted to try this Sisig Pasta for a change, and he liked it!

Malunggay Pesto, Php150.00

Native leaves mixed with basil and tossed with pasta topped with grilled chicken and cheese

This was what I ordered. I love the toppings, really yummy! It just took a while before I became accustomed to the taste of the pasta, but it was fine.

Clam Pasta, Php270.00

Fresh clams sautéed in lambanog butter and tossed with pasta

This was what I loved the most! You definitely need to give this pasta dish a try.

Mango Shake and Melon Shake, Php75.00 each

Overall, the food presentation was really nice, the food tasted okay, the prices were affordable, the place was cool and the staff were friendly and courteous.

Hyphy’s offers a fusion of Filipino cuisine with foods you find in San Francisco, a place where Chef Bruce Lim grew up.

Etymology of Hyphy: shortened perhaps from English dialect “hyperactive”; other sources cite a combination of “hype” and “fly.”

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14 Responses to Food Trip Friday: Hyphy’s at The Veranda

  1. Cute and yummy…Happy FTF! Mine is up.

  2. gusto ko matikman ung sisig pasta! i’m a huge sisig fan and the idea of it being a pasta dish just makes me salivate!

  3. mommy jes says:

    EI ITS MY FIRST TIME TO HEAR sisig pasta hmm…..looks yummy! 😉 thnks for visiting my site! i will surely bake my cake soon 🙂 ehehhe

  4. Cecile says:

    the sisig pasta looks good; would like to try that someday :-)!

  5. I know they want to emphasize that they used fresh clam, but i hate it when they have to include the shells mixed in pasta.

  6. Dhemz says:

    looks very appetizing…yum!

  7. Darly says:

    wow, the sisig pasta and malunggay pesto sounds really unique and intriguing. Hope i get to try them too on our next vacation in Philippines, will take not of this place.

    have a blastful weekend, and hope you check out my entry here too.
    Food and Passion
    I Love Darly!

  8. I just tried it last week and got the calamansi tuyo pasta 🙂 check out my blog, I made an entry too!! haha.

  9. lani says:

    Malunggay Pesta sounds good to me, I would like to try it when I go home. For a drink, I would like to have mango shake 🙂 Happy weekend!

  10. wickedlysexy says:

    hmm, mukhang must try ang sisig pasta na yan ah…will definitely put that on my list to eat..

    hope you can drop by my Cupcakes Galore

  11. cheerful says:

    wow, everything looks mouthwatering, yes would love to try it someday…must b really great! love that they give complimentary fries, so nice of them to do! anyway, happy mother’s day and have a great weekend!

  12. mama cooks says:

    wow! unique pasta offerings! i am so interested in that sisig pasta! haha lovely family and meal! 😀

    Beach Menu

  13. wow, a sisig pasta. That would be nice. I love sisig! Thanks for visiting my site.

  14. peachkins says:

    I gotta try that sometime…

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