Birthday Dinner at Kalye Juan

Our son turned five years old last July 7, and he had a small celebration in school with his classmates and teachers. We also dined out later that night to celebrate as a family. My husband has been eyeing this relatively new restaurant in Robinsons Galleria that offers Filipino fare. The name is Kalye Juan.

We were given this complimentary kropek (shrimp crackers) that our son really loved. He had a grand time dipping this kropek in vinegar. He liked it so much that he requested for another plate. LOL!

We ordered Fried Tenga, Grilled Sisig sa Kalye and Bangus Kare-kare (Tiyan).

Fried Tenga, Php130.00

Crispy fried pig’s ears

This was fried to perfection, but it was too hard to bite, so I only had a teeny-weeny bit of it, and it was hubby who finished the rest.

Grilled Sisig sa Kalye, Php175.00

Grilled pork with fresh onions, chicken liver and fresh chilli pepper with vinegar dipping sauce

What impressed me about this order is that it wasn’t pricey, considering that it’s good for two to three people. However, the combination of grilled pork and chicken liver didn’t exactly tickle our taste buds.

Bangus Kare-kare (Tiyan), Php275.00

I love bangus belly so I insisted to hubby that we order this, but we were quite disappointed with it because the kare-kare sauce was really bland. We were thankful for the shrimp paste because without it, the bangus kare-kare would really be tasteless.

The prices of food here are really affordable, but I don’t think we’d order the same dishes again.

Kalye Juan
Level 2, East Lane, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City
Tel No.: (02) 636-7085

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3 Responses to Birthday Dinner at Kalye Juan

  1. Jean Soo says:

    Happy Belated birthday to your son! 🙂
    Looks like a great feast! 🙂

  2. Enchie says:

    I haven’t tried Kalye Juan. But with your post, I might just pay this restaurant a visit soon 🙂

  3. Pearl says:

    I haven’t tried eating there yet, the place is always packed whenever we pass by! It’s sad about the kare-kare, though I never tried kare-kare with bangus belly before. Sounds like a treat!

    Please check my post for this week: Homemade Salt and Pepper Potato Chips
    Much ♥,

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