Cowhead’s Cheese Sandwich Crackers

One of my son’s favorite snacks for home and school these days are these Cheese Sandwich Crackers from Cowhead. I discovered these healthy snacks on one of my trips to the grocery store a month or two ago.

Cowhead’s Cheese Sandwich Crackers, Php76.00 per box (8 sachets per box)

For some reason, my five-year-old prefers Cowhead’s Cheese Sandwich Crackers over Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich. When I asked him why he likes this brand more than he does the other, he simply said: “It’s yummy, Mommy!”

Cowhead’s Cheese Sandwich Crackers is rich in calcium and has no trans-fat. This product also has the Superbrands seal, a proof of its branding excellence.

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  1. myra de jesus says:

    where can u buy this in PH? I bought some from SG and i love it so much

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