Sweet Valentine Treats from Cinnabon

On our way home from Robinsons Galleria last Sunday, we saw Cinnabon’s Valentine promo called “CINNAPACK 3ts” (Cinnapack Treats). Because hubby loves Cinnabon, he wasted no time in buying 2 minichocobons and 1 minibon for only Php143.00.

I gave the first minichocobon to our 5-year-old son, and he loved it! I gave hubby half of the other minichocobon and half of the minibon, but he didn’t say which of the two he liked better. I preferred the minichocobon over the minibon, but found both of them too sweet for my taste.

What about you? Did you have any sweet treats on Valentine’s Day?

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2 Responses to Sweet Valentine Treats from Cinnabon

  1. i wish there’s a branch near us. I miss cinnabonstix.

  2. maiylah says:

    i love their cinnabon stix! i wonder if this promo will still be available this weekend…

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