Breakfast at Dolcetti Sandwich & Smoothies Bar

Two Fridays ago, I had my blood tests done at Makati Medical Center, which required 12 to 14 hours of fasting. I also had an appointment with my ophthalmologist at 10am, but I had to ask my doctor’s secretary to allow me a few minutes to have breakfast because I was already famished then. Because hubby was with me, he had no choice but to have his second breakfast.

I had pasta, and hubby ordered a sandwich.

Chicken Pesto Pasta, Php155.00

I loved my crunchy toasts! The pasta was okay, except that the serving was too small. My uber hungry belly needed more.

Cheese Steak Sandwich, Php185.00

I should have taken a bite of this sandwich. Hubby said the beef strips were tender and full of flavor. In short, it’s a delicious sandwich!

I failed to take a picture of Dolcetti Sandwich & Smoothies Bar because we were eating in a hurry. It’s a nice small place where you can also surf the Internet while having breakfast or snacks. They also have a magazine stand in another corner. Their food is okay, but I find their prices a bit expensive. Next time we’ll try their smoothies.

Dolcetti Sandwich & Smoothies Bar
3rd Level, Bridgeway, Tower 2
Makati Medical Center
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telephone No.: (0917) 548-7639

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2 Responses to Breakfast at Dolcetti Sandwich & Smoothies Bar

  1. the sandwich looks good nga!

  2. KM says:

    ya, the serving is kinda small, and you have toast and pasta, so that’s double carbs there 😀 but the cheese steak does look yum and filling 😉

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