Family Lunch Date at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

We seldom go to SM Mall of Asia (MOA) because that’s too far from our place, so we make sure our visit to this mall is always worth it. Last April 7, 2012, Black Saturday, hubby made an impromptu decision to go to MOA.

Hubby bought a melodica for the little boy from the musical instruments store called Music for Baby Mozarts. We also tried the X-Rider (a 4-D simulator ride), and we went to the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center after we had lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café.

This restaurant is big and spacious, and I liked that! Our server was also courteous, friendly and very accommodating.

Picture! Picture

The food presentation was lovely, too.

Sambal Seafood with Egg and Rice, Php185.00

I found this too spicy, but hubby enjoyed this! It had crab meat, squid, fish and veggies.

HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice, Php195.00

This was something new to me! I enjoyed scooping out my piping hot meal from the bamboo rice pot. If you’re not fond of sweet dishes, then this one’s for you. You’ll surely enjoy the generous serving of chicken; I did!

French fries with Curry Mayo Dip, Php55.00

The little boy really liked the curry mayo dip, and he wanted us to order more of this so he could finish his French fries. Lol!

Iced HK Yingyong, Php75.00

This mixture of coffee and milk tea was for hubby. He didn’t really like it at first, but he said the taste got better, so this was okay.

Iced Grass Jelly with Longan and Nata, Php75.00

Isn’t it lovely? This tasted like sago at gulaman (tapioca pearls and agar jelly) with a twist. I enjoyed munching on the longan and nata de coco.

Iced Malted Chocolate, Php60.00

My son allowed me to take a sip of his Iced Malted Chocolate, and it was yummy! It had the right chocolatey goodness and the right amount of sweetness.

Special Mango Snow ice, Php125.00

We saw this delivered at a table near us, and it really piqued our curiosity, so we made sure we ordered this, too. This is crushed/shaved ice with diced mango bits sweetened with mango puree and with ice cream on top. If you’re a mango lover like I am, you’ll surely love this!

We left the this restaurant full and satisfied, and we only spent a little over Php700.00 for everything we ordered. That was quite affordable!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
Near IMAX Theater
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Telephone No.: (02) 822-7518

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19 Responses to Family Lunch Date at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

  1. Yay the food make me hungry hehe..It seems you had a good day with your family. Visiting from Food Friday.Hope you can visit back.

  2. Awesome feast, haven’t been to MOA in a while, should visit soon.

  3. Luna Miranda says:

    whoa, the mango snow looks fabulous! i was also at MoA on Black Saturday…di tayo nagkasalubong!:p but we had dinner by the bay, and it was pretty crowded! i’d love to try the sambal seafood with egg.

  4. Kim,USA says:

    Like to try mango ice. Looks refreshing! ^_^

  5. the iced drinks and shave ice looks yummy!!!

  6. Cookie says:

    oh, i thought you were really in HK, hehe. wish to visit this place when we go to there. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. jellybelly says:

    Want to taste the mango snow ice! MOA is just too far away. I’ve been there maybe five times so far 🙂

  8. Tito Eric says:

    I’ve seen this restaurant at MOA before but had never gone in to try their offerings. I will when I go back to Manila. Thanks for sharing … I love Chinese food!

  9. Ooooh…. I SO need that cold drink right now. It’s sweltering in Manila.

  10. mommynuts says:

    I’d love to taste the mango snow ice.. I’l visit the resto pag nasa MOA kame. thanks for the info. your son looks like her tita ganda.

  11. maiylah says:

    we seldom visit MOA too (because it’s too far). i love the dishes that you ordered, and all that for less than Php800? I like it! lol

    thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday, sis

  12. the iced tea looks so refreshing Sis, perfect to quench the thirst 🙂 great family bonding too 🙂 Dropping by from lasts weeks FTF

  13. the sambal looks very delish Sis and what a price, great deal 🙂 Dropping by from lasts weeks FF

  14. cheerful says:

    everything looks delicious, nice to eat if the staff and service are really great! nice to hear that. back in phils, we’re living just in makati area but i found moa far already because of traffic maybe…been there few times only but when we go back this summer, i will make sure we will visit moa more! 🙂 oh, i love that special mango snow ice, s refreshing. visiting late from FTF and FF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great weekend. 🙂

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  16. Badet says:

    We saw this last week but got intimidated because of their interiors. Glad you posted the prices, affordable pala. I’ll make sure to dine there next time. Hope to see more of you Tetcha! =)

  17. I thought this place is going to be pricey. Turns out that it’s not. I’ll go try it when I go to MOA. 🙂

  18. The chicken dish looks yummy! And the mango snow ice looks very interesting. It’s been months since I last went to MOA. Come to think of it, I go to MOA pag may Kpop concert lang ako na papanoorin, haha. 🙂

  19. Mom-Friday says:

    Wow that’s really affordable for everything you ordered! I have not been to MOA for the longest time, so hopefully they can open a branch somewhere in our area 🙂

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