Mona Pisa Donut: Another One of My Favorites from J.CO!

Last May, when we ordered another box of J.CO donuts, I found another donut that I like. It’s called Mona Pisa! It sounds Italian because it’s kinda Italian. It tastes like pizza, but it’s shaped like a donut so I call it pizza-donut or donut-pizza. Mona Pisa has little bits of sausage, cheese and tomato.

Mona Pisa donut from J.CO, Php45.00

If you’re like me who’s not much into sweets but loves munching on really soft and yummy donuts, then you might also like Mona Pisa.

I now have two favorite donuts from J.CO. They are Cheese Me Up and Mona Pisa.

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3 Responses to Mona Pisa Donut: Another One of My Favorites from J.CO!

  1. u8mypinkcookies says:

    oh i nevert tried savory kinds of donuts. i often prefer sweet ones. lol.

  2. Emotera says:

    I really thought its krispy kreme donut. I am curios of the taste too bad we dont have J.CO here in our place.

  3. Vance says:

    I love donuts that tastes like pizza! Will definitely try this, thanks for sharing!

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