A Delightful Dinner at Crisostomo

Last Sunday, my husband suggested we go see Resorts World Manila (RWM). That was our first time to visit the “first integrated tourist destination in the Philippines.” Part of our agenda was to try out their restaurants. That was actually the last thing we did before we went home. We had dinner at Crisostomo, a restaurant that offers a “turn-of-the-century Filipino dining.” According to RWM’s website, “Chef Florabel Co’s Crisostomo restaurant pays tribute to cultures that have influenced local cuisine: Spanish, American, Japanese and Chinese, plus a touch of Chef Co’s innovations.”

We loved the bright wooden interior. It’s also a comfortable, roomy place to enjoy a leisurely meal with family and friends.


We ordered Lengua Laruja, Bella Bandida, Noli Me Talong and Bibingka with Keso de Bola and Kesong Puti.

Lengua Laruja, Php395

All of us, including our 6-year-old son, loved this. This tender braised ox tongue with delicious mushroom gravy was a real winner!

Bella Bandida, Php295.00

This was delicious as well. The burong mangga perfectly complemented the pan-fried milkfish belly. I actually liked the idea that I was ingesting loads of good cholesterol while eating this, which is exactly what I need right now!

Noli Me Talong, Php195.00

This is “tortang talong pie topped with kesong puti.” You’ll surely enjoy the wonderful combination of soft eggplant omelette, tomatoes and kesong puti in your mouth. It’s simply delightful!

Bibingka with Keso de Bola and Kesong Puti, Php145.00

I was actually contemplating on not eating this anymore because I was already so full from what I’ve had, but the foodie in me prevailed, and I was glad I tried this. This rice cake was soft, moist and delicious; hubby, however, didn’t want the keso de bola because of its semi-hard texture.

We had a hearty, satisfying dinner at Crisostomo. The staff were also very accommodating. These were more than enough reasons for us to want to go back there.

2nd Level, Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Philippines

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21 Responses to A Delightful Dinner at Crisostomo

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  2. Luna Miranda says:

    “Noli Me Talong”? LOL
    i’d like to try their lengua. been to RWM a few times but haven’t tried this restaurant yet.

  3. MrsMartinez says:

    Whoa! Your son eats lengua?! Galing! Bella Bandida looks appetizing while Noli Mi Talong piqued my curiosity. I will try putting kesong puti next time I cook tortang talong ; p


  4. They all look delicious. Must try these one of these days.

  5. Rizza says:

    The photos look so yummy! My mom cooks lengua for special occasions. Now, pde na punta lang dito to get some lengua khit hindi pasko! hihihi!

  6. dennis says:

    The food looks good ha….yun lang parang may kamahalan.

    visiting from FTF

    here’s mine… http://mgalutonidennis.blogspot.com/2012/08/breaded-porkchop-surprise.html

  7. Sumi says:

    I haven’t been to RWM yet since it’s too far from where I live. However, i’d like to experience it given the chance, and try Crisostomo too 🙂

  8. tatess says:

    burong mangga ,bagoong and fish, perfect meal, solve na ko dyan but would like to try the other menu too.

  9. Having breakfast as I write, and drooling over that bibingka. 🙂

  10. nuts says:

    For the prices posted above, not too bad for a resto in RWM. Oh, I need good cholesterol too. I had tests recently and I lack of it but had so much bad cholesterol in my body.
    “Noli Me Talong” is really a very unique name. Did you ask why they name it after Noli? :p

  11. Mom-Friday says:

    We love lengua also! I like their bibingka as well — we ate at their Eastwood branch 🙂

  12. Pepper Tan says:

    I’ve been to RWM only once, but haven’t sampled any of the restaurants there. I was a bit intimidated, I must admit :). But Crisostomo looks like a family-friendly place. Oooh, the food looks tempting! The price isn’t too bad, I guess 🙂

  13. natawa ko sa noli me talong :))

  14. good to know you had a great time at crisostomo 😉 i would love to try bella bandida soon!

  15. Aileen says:

    There really are a lot of good places in RWM! 🙂 I hope I get to try Crisostomo soon, it looks like a really good dine in 🙂

  16. Kim,USA says:

    My eyes were fix on the bibingka. It’s been awhile I have not tasted bibingka the photo looks really good. ^_^

  17. Leah H. says:

    Oh, my! I want some of that bibingka:)

    Visiting from FTF- hope you can stop by..

  18. I love the talong…looks so delish 🙂 Dropping by from last weeks FTF

  19. your son is soooooooooooooo cute Sis 🙂 am sure that he is enjoying all the delish foods 🙂 Dropping late from last weeks Ff

  20. peachkins says:

    ang ganda nga ng interiors ng Crisistomo! The Lengua looks fantastic!

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