A New Fridge Freezer for Christmas

I come from a family who loves to eat. Every member of our family enjoys gorging on delicious home-cooked food. All of us, except my younger sister, are all married with kids of our own, so you can just imagine how our family celebrations look like. They’re big, they’re noisy, and they’re filled with lots of sumptuous treats!

We all help prepare the scrumptious fare on our dining table, too. I cook the spaghetti, my younger sister prepares the appetizers and salads, my older sister handles the grill foods, and my younger brother is our official food taster. It’s our Dad who goes to the market to buy the ingredients for the dishes we’re going to whip up, while our Mom helps with the cooking.

But planning a family get-together isn’t easy because of our busy schedules and because we live far from each other. Also, a huge get-together like this entails several trips to the supermarket because our parents’ fridge could not accommodate bulks of fresh meat and veggies needed for our family party. This is so time-consuming! If only we could keep all the fresh ingredients in a fridge freezer, then preparing for a big celebration won’t be a problem.

Photo credit: Tesco

Another family reunion is on the way because Christmas is fast approaching. We have all decided to buy a bigger fridge freezer for our parents’ home because we all want a hassle-free food preparation this time. Doing so will save us time, money and effort, plus we will get to enjoy more time with each other, relishing the delectable goodies that all of us will have lovingly prepared.

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13 Responses to A New Fridge Freezer for Christmas

  1. Rossel says:

    I can relate with the big, noisy celebrations as I have a big family too. Yes, a big fridge where you can keep all the fresh ingredients could help your family save time plus there would be spaces for the left overs.

  2. Badet says:

    Looks like you have a fun family celebration every Christmas =). I wanna try your spaghetti if it’s your specialty.

  3. wow, such a nice fridge, i guess i could never had the chance to own one.

  4. Entrepremom says:

    Wow, that’s nice! I am wishing for a new car naman this Christmas. But I wish for it every Christmas and birthdays din hehe 🙂

  5. Les says:

    that reminds me that I should also plan for our upcoming reunion during Christmas season too! Panic-attack na naman ito

  6. My mother buys ingredients in advance for the Christmas party. As long as they are not perishable.

  7. nuts says:

    I think I want the role of a food taster. Seriously, I want a new fridge because we are using the old one that’s already been with us for more than ten years. It’s about time to buy a new one.

  8. I also want a bigger fridge freezer. It’s hard when there’s special occasion and you don’t have enough space for the frozen food. But, a bigger fridge freezer will consume more electricity and that maybe out of my budget. =)

  9. Marie says:

    I’ve been meaning to get us a fridge too, it’s simply tiring to always go grocery shopping and when there are sale items, it’s also good to stack them up in a good freezer!

  10. rj's mama says:

    That fridge on the picture above is my dream fridge. I have this regular-sized fridge and to fit a week-worth of food for the family in our fridge is a task that needs a lot of mathematical calculation 😀

  11. jem alvarado says:

    Love to have the two door refrigerator. Yay.. I feel Christmas so excited for that celebration and if I have this fridge with big amount of money, I will shop and put Christmas goodies 🙂

  12. Zoan says:

    My mama would always cook for us and she doesnt like it when we offer to help kasi nauubos lang daw namin hahah

  13. Ane says:

    I can relate, my husband and I have big families too.. 🙂 I love the holidays but not love the clean up afterwards.. 😛

    I know what you mean about not having a big enough fridge to keep all the food, sometimes it just goes stale because it’s left out of the fridge because there’s just no space, it’s a good thing it’s fairly cold here in Baguio so only mayo based dishes go stale when left out. 😛

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