A Satisfying Dinner at Burgoo American Bar & Restaurant

One Saturday in August, we decided to have dinner again at Burgoo in Robinsons Galleria. We had new orders and an old favorite.

Supreme Nachos (Regular), Php325.00

These are crispy corn chips topped with melted cheese, tomato salsa and jalapeño. They didn’t have plain nachos with cheese in their menu, so this is what we ordered. Our son enjoyed the nachos and cheese, but discarded the tomato salsa and jalapeño.

Ultimate Fajitas (Trio), Php695.00

These are char-grilled chicken, shrimp and steak served with tomato salsa, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and tortilla wrapper.

You can create your ultimate fajita in three simple steps. First, spread one tortilla wrapper on a plate. Second, stuff your fajita with meat and veggie fillings then top with tomato salsa, sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese. Finally, fold the tortilla wrapper and eat.

Citibank has an ongoing promo when we visited Burgoo, and we had this pasta dish for free because we purchased one entrée with the same or higher value.

Large Szechuan Steak Linguini, free with an order of one entree

The generous serving of tender beef strips, crisp veggies and sesame seeds makes this Szechuan Steak Linguini a delightfully tempting treat.

Everything was delicious. My stomach felt so full after eating. I simply couldn’t resist good food!

Burgoo American Bar & Restaurant
4th Level, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City
Telephone No.: (02) 633-6256; (02) 633-9565

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13 Responses to A Satisfying Dinner at Burgoo American Bar & Restaurant

  1. Luna Miranda says:

    i miss Burgoo’s fajitas!
    this pasta looks interesting.

  2. Iska says:

    I agree. That Szechuan linguini looks interesting. Sounds yum.

  3. Jenn says:

    Isn’t it so great getting freebies? If I were there to eat with you, I’d take the jalapenos and salsa… I just love them in nachos! I remember in college, I used to buy from Nacho King having additional jalapeno and salsa. 🙂

    Hopping here thru Food Trip Friday.

  4. Pepper Tan says:

    I’ve eaten at Burgoo only once, and haven’t revisited in years. Those nachos look tempting!

  5. Haven’t had the chance to visit any Burgoo’s branch since it opened, maybe it’s about time I do.

  6. nuts says:

    you’re always on a food trip with your family but you don’t seem to get big and you still maintain your body. so unfair. lol.

    Ultimate Fajitas looks so yummy but quite expensive for me.

  7. peachkins says:

    you had me with the Nachos!

  8. fajita, i love them, if i have time, i usually make one for the family.

  9. mum eats says:

    i’ve never tried eating at Burgoo, hopefully i will soon. that Szechuan Steak Linguini looks divine!

  10. I miss eating at Burgoo especially their fajitas! We used to frequent the one in Galleria when my wife was still working in the Ortigas area. Cool post!

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  12. cheerful says:

    everything looks great, love those nachos…and i love the idea of making your fajita, it will be fun to my kids, i bet! 🙂 lucky to have those pasta for free. visiting from Food Friday. see you around.

  13. maiylah says:

    oh yes, one of our fave restaurants! well, actually, mine and hubby’s. lol. the kids not so much… 🙂

    thanks for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis!

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