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A Taste of Little Asia Through City Delivery

I had Php1000 gift certificates from City Delivery tucked in my drawer for more than a month now that I’ve decided to use two weeks ago. I dialled 87878 to order. The person who answered the phone was very courteous and accommodating. However, we had to change our choice of restaurant several times because our previous choices were either undergoing renovation or have temporarily or permanently stopped their City Delivery service without informing City Delivery. I think City Delivery should improve their communication with their business partners so that customers won’t have to make several calls to place an order.

We ended up ordering from Little Asia. We’ve never eaten here before, but we liked their food choices listed in City Bites, the City Delivery catalog of restaurants, food and beverage establishments. We ordered the following: Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Thai Eggplant w/Minced Pork & Shrimps, Lengua in Mushroom White Sauce and Little Asia’s Crispy Chicken.

The City Delivery person we talked to on the phone said delivery time is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our orders arrived exactly one hour after we placed our orders. The City Delivery man was very respectful and friendly, and our food was neatly packaged in microwavable plastic containers; I liked that.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Php215.00

I really enjoyed these traditional Vietnamese fried spring rolls; I had four of these, I think, and I actually didn’t want to share what’s left. Lol! The combination of the chewy glass noodles, pork, crab and mushrooms dipped in nuoc cham sauce is simply heaven. Nuoc cham is a slightly sweet, sour, salty (and can be spicy sometimes) dipping sauce.

Thai Eggplant w/Minced Pork & Shrimps, Php215.00

This was also good. As the name suggests, this is eggplant with pork and shrimps. What made this dish special was the sweet Thai sauce.

Lengua in Mushroom White Sauce, Php325.00

This is braised ox tongue with sautéed mushrooms, broccoli and carrots in cream sauce. This was hubby’s favorite. The lengua was very tender, and the creamy mushroom sauce was delicious.

Little Asia’s Crispy Chicken, Php255.00

This was what our little boy liked. He ate a lot of rice with this chicken dipped in special gravy. However, we weren’t able to experience the “crispiness” of this chicken perhaps because of the time it took to deliver it to our place.

We had a lovely dinner that night. I’m actually excited to visit Little Asia soon and try their other delectable treats.

Little Asia
2nd Floor, Greenhills Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan
Telephone No.: (02) 727-5265

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11 Responses

  1. i’ve heard of City Delivery over the radio but have not tried them yet. i wonder if they deliver in Paranaque.:p

    the Thai eggplant looks interesting…i’m in the process of learning to like eggplant and looking for recipes to make it “edible” to me. hehehe

  2. everything looks delicious and you’ve tried different meals around the world…lucky you! 🙂 love those vietnamese spring rolls too, fresh or fried, i love them both! that thai eggplant, hmm…i have to check for that here in bangkok. 🙂 visiting from FTF, see you around. happy weekend.

  3. I have yet to try City Delivery. It’s good that they have a lot of restaurant selections. I tend to get tired of the usual fastfood delivery 🙂

    Those look so yummy! Oh, why did I have to visit your blog now…right now!!! Now I”m drooling big time! 🙂

  4. I never heard about city delivery;) I guess because we dont have that here;) the food looks like they are so delicious sana makatikim kami nyan haha

  5. I think we have bought something similar to vietnamese rolls and my kids were not quite satisfied with the taste. Di lang siguro kame sanay hehe…

  6. My niece like eating there, too! it has been ages since i had lengua…yours made me drool! 🙂

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis

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