Century Breaded Shrimp Nuggets

My love for shrimps has prompted me to try these Breaded Shrimp Nuggets from Century Canning Corporation. Shrimps are expensive, so I wasn’t surprised that a 360g of shrimp nuggets would cost Php150.00. This better be good, I kept telling myself while I was getting one pack from the frozen food freezer.

Century Breaded Shrimp Nuggets (360g), Php150.00

There were only 12 small shrimp nuggets all in all, but I didn’t feel short-changed because there were real shrimps inside those nuggets. I could see and taste the shrimps in every bite. I felt, however, that an exciting shrimp dip (tartar sauce or sweet-and-sour sauce) was needed to enhance the flavor of these breaded shrimp nuggets.

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4 Responses to Century Breaded Shrimp Nuggets

  1. Yami says:

    I haven’t tried this yet. Mukhang masarap nga. This is a good snack and lunch idea especially if you have no time to cook.

  2. nora a says:

    Great find! I don’t cook shrimp because of my daughter who has an allergy with seafood. so when I cook shrimp that means, I am in deep craving and I make sure I don’t contaminate any of the utensils. Maybe I should get one pack of this Century product and label this food, “For Mommy only!”

  3. kikamz says:

    my daughter just loves shrimps! i think she will also enjoy this one too…

  4. Badet says:

    Oh wow! This is something healthy, I always associate nuggets with chicken.

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