Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham

Last week, hubby brought home two boxes of ham, one for us and one for my parents. He was excited to try it because he said it’s the famous Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham from Quiapo. An officemate volunteered to buy the ham for them. When we opened the box, I was actually delighted to see that the ham was already cut into round slices; that means less work for us and more time to enjoy what hubby brought home.

Initially, what we did was pan-fry a few round slices of Excelente ham in oil. When we ate the pan-fried ham, we actually didn’t notice the difference between this ham and the ham we usually have on Christmas. The next day, we fried Excelente ham on a non-stick pan without oil over low heat. This was when we appreciated the taste and soft, meaty texture of Excelente ham. The trick is not to over-fry the ham so the meat won’t become tough and hard to eat. We’ll have Excelente Ham again during our Christmas lunch tomorrow.

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  1. MrsMartinez says:

    I love Excelente Ham. We really go out of our way to go to Quaipo every time we crave for ham. It is available year round ; )


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