Greenwich Overloaded Barkada Feast B

Just because I was happy that my son brought home 8 graduation medals (6 gold medals and 2 silver medals) last March 12, his graduation day from Kinder 2, I dialled 5-55-55 for Greenwich delivery to order “Overloaded Barkada Feast B” that we also shared with some friends. We paid Php599.00 for this Barkada Bundle meal which consisted of 1 Double Thin Ultimate Special Overload, 1 Spaghetti Supreme, 1 Bacon Chicken Carbonara, 4 pcs. Jumbo Crunchy Chicken, 4 rice, and 4 small cups of Coke. Delivery charge was Php60.00.

Double thin Ultimate Special Overload

We only had two slices of this pizza because we gave most of it to our friends, but what we had was enough to give our verdict on its taste: this pizza was yummy, but it was too small. The picture in the Internet was way bigger!

Spaghetti Supreme

This was for the little boy. He almost finished this large serving of Spaghetti Supreme all by himself, which meant he really liked it.

Bacon Chicken Carbonara

This was sent to our friends, too, so we didn’t have an idea of how it tasted like, but I was quite certain that it’s also delicious. This was also good for sharing.

4-pcs. Jumbo Crunchy Chicken

My husband and my son enjoyed this huge and crunchy fried chicken. They’re very tasty!

(Note: I wasn’t able to take a picture of the rice and soft drinks that were also included in our Greenwich “Overloaded Barkada Feast B.”)

Overall, we were satisfied with our order, except for the size of our pizza.

Delivery: 5-55-55
Order Online:

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6 Responses to Greenwich Overloaded Barkada Feast B

  1. Wow! I want to grab a bite of that double thin crust pizza!! 🙂

  2. I am one of greenwich fan not only are there food delicious but affordable as well. With Greenwich Overload Barkada offerings our family will surely enjoy it since my nieces too loves their pasta =)

  3. Gigi Beleno says:

    wow! what a feast! congrats to your son’s graduation. Now I’m craving for a greenwich pizza too 😀

  4. Pinay Ads says:

    wow for P599, sulit! I love their Carbonara! yum!!

  5. Wow! Congratulations to your son!

    Greenwich’s Barkada Bundle is worth to try!

  6. Nakakagutom! Looks delicious and very affordable. Gotta love Greenwich!

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