Heroes at Bonifacio High Street

Every time we visit Bonifacio High Street, we always stop by Heroes but never attempted to get inside. Various collectible items are displayed inside Heroes; some are for sale, while others are not. They also have a small dining area for guests to eat while looking at the items that catch their fancy.

We had lunch at Heroes last Saturday, and the little boy had fun posing with his favorite action heroes.

We ordered Squid Steak, Cajun-Style Cream Dory, Pork BBQ & Rice, and Chicken Poppers.

Squid Steak, Php295.00

This is one of their bestsellers. It’s grilled squid with fried rice. The squid was grilled just right because it was tender and not rubbery, plus it’s seasoned perfectly. Hubby enjoyed it!

Cajun-Style Cream Dory, Php195.00

Because I like fish, I ordered this cream dory served Cajun style with fried rice. I loved the thick fish fillet because I could really relish the taste of the cream dory. The rice serving was also huge, so I was really full after eating.

Pork BBQ & Rice, Php145.00

This is for our helper, two sticks of pork BBQ with fried rice and buttered veggies, but I made sure I got some of her pork BBQ to know how it tasted like. It was okay.

Chicken Poppers, Php145.00

Chicken Poppers is Heroes’ own version of chicken nuggets. They were served hot, and they were really crunchy. The little boy liked these very much. I think the serving was too small, however.

Iced Tea, Php80.00

We ordered this house-blended iced tea for the little boy, but he didn’t like it. He said it tasted strange.

Captain America Red and X-Men Choco Cake, Php70.00 each

We all liked X-Men Choco Cake more than the Captain America Red because of the moist and not overwhelmingly sweet chocolate. The little boy actually had two X-Men Choco Cakes.

Heroes is a toy collector’s haven. I will go here to eat but not to buy toys simply because I’m not a collector, and I don’t have the means to buy the expensive toys on display.

B6-971 Bldg. 6, Bonifacio High Street
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Telephone No.: (02) 511-7327

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10 Responses to Heroes at Bonifacio High Street

  1. Jenn says:

    Is this near the Mind Museum? A friend and I plan to visit the museum, and I wanted to maximize the day by checking out some spots in the BGC area, too. I like the concept of this restaurant… and the food is affordable (considering the area). Thanks for sharing this, will jot this one down on the list of places to go.

  2. maiylah says:

    i know I will enjoy browsing through their collectibles (no budget, so browse lang. lol)! haven’t been to that area of the city for the longest time! food looks delicious (specially the cakes…yum!)

    thanks so much for taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, sis
    have a great weekend!

  3. I like the foods you posted here mommy. I always admire you’re bonding moments with your family.

  4. Interesting restaurant concept! I will bring Ykaie and my nieces there!

  5. Kriska Marie says:

    Nice place! I’m sure my boyfriend will love it there! haha! That squid and cream dory look so yummy!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    Interesting place. My boys (husband included) are great Marvel fans. They’d love to try Heroes for sure.

  7. I want to try the dory and squid. It looks so delicious and it is my favorite. For sure the boys had so much fun.

  8. Nova says:

    glad you finally stop by and visited the place, you all surely had fun and discover what kind of collectibles they have and for some to be seen.

  9. Is this near mind museum ? Kasi my husband want our son mag.bday/pasyal sun ndseeing its theme I’m sure magugustuhan ng anak naming dyan

  10. The Cajun Style Cream Dory! Wow! I just had dinner but it made me hungry again!

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