Healthy You Raw Macadamia

I found this Healthy You Raw Macadamia in the Health & Wellness section of Robinsons Supermarket two Saturdays ago. Healthy You products are affordable healthy products exclusively manufactured for Robinsons Supermarket. Because I’ve never eaten raw macadamia before, I really wanted to know how it tastes like. This was what prompted me to buy this product without hesitation.

Healthy You Raw Macadamia (100 grams), Php178.00

When I reached home, I immediately opened my bag of raw macadamia and dropped a few pieces in my mouth. They were delicious and naturally crunchy. I didn’t finish everything in one sitting, though, because I wanted it to last longer.

There are only three ingredients in this product: macadamia nuts, olive oil and iodized salt. The packaging says it’s high in fiber, it’s rich in phytochemicals, and it’s an antioxidant.

This Raw Macadamia has a large amount of monounsaturated fats which are good for the heart as they can help lower one’s bad cholesterol levels. It also has a considerable amount of polyunsaturated fats, fatty acids that the body needs.

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  1. Pal Raine says:

    Wow! Love eating Macadamia, it’s buttery taste and crisp light texture so yummy.

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