Chicken McNuggets: The Little Boy’s Favorite McDonald’s Treat

Our little boy is extremely fond of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Whenever we visit McDonald’s, he never fails to order this. This is what he had for his afternoon snack when we went to McDonald’s Greenhills a few days ago. When I asked him what he likes about Chicken McNuggets, he said: “They’re crunchy, and they’re yummy!” He also enjoys dipping his Chicken McNuggets in the sweet and tasty Classic McNuggets Sauce.

 photo IMG_5619_zpsca4f3258.jpg

4-pc Chicken McNuggets (Happy Meal), Php99.00

He can finish two orders of these Chicken McNuggets in a jiffy! We always order the Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets because of the free toy. My son loves Happy Meal toys, too. Look!

 photo IMG_5626_zpsd801eb8b.jpg

His latest Happy Meal Toys: Voov Trucks

What are your kids’ favorite treats from McDonald’s?

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5 Responses to Chicken McNuggets: The Little Boy’s Favorite McDonald’s Treat

  1. U8mypinkcookies says:

    My fave too

  2. nora a says:

    Even my teens love Mcnuggets and I agree it’s crunchy. I remember when they were kids, we would always order happy meals. I can see Justine’s happy face with his new toys!

  3. ah my daughter doesn’t like nuggets her fave at mcdo is the sundae and fries!

  4. Chicken McNuggets is also my favorite and ykaie’s too! Have you tried the new McSpicy?

  5. maiylah says:

    same here, that’s my youngest son’s fave, too!

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