Tapa Lugaw from Tapa King

After 13 hours of fasting, I was finally able to go to Tapa King inside Makati Medical Center for my breakfast last Monday. I had to undergo visual perimetry test and lipid profile test before my first meal of the day can be had, but it was also almost time for my doctor’s appointment, so I had to choose a no-fuss breakfast to get there on time. Tapa Lugaw sounded nice and looked easy to eat, so it was the one I ordered.

 photo DSCN0184_zps568091fa.jpg

Tapa Lugaw, Php45.00

I thought Tapa Lugaw was a different kind of congee with Tapa King’s famous tapa (cured beef) as its main ingredient. I looked for bits of tapa in my congee, but I didn’t find any, so I asked one of the food servers near my table if their Tapa Lugaw has tapa. He said it has none. Tapa Lugaw is actually Tapa King’s version of goto (congee with beef tripe). Tee-hee, I guess I was expecting too much!

Anyway, I still enjoyed my brekkie because the beef tripe was tender and flavorful, and the congee was seasoned just right (no need for patis or fish sauce), but I still would like to have my goto drizzled with some calamansi. That is something I failed to ask, or should that be served automatically?

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4 Responses to Tapa Lugaw from Tapa King

  1. I think you and sis will get along well when it comes to lugaw, I never liked lugaw ever.

  2. nuts says:

    I only eat Lugaw once in a while or during rainy season, hehe. Tapa Lugaw looks good. I miss their tapa na.

  3. I used to work as a nurse before in MMC and I didn’t know they have tapa king there already. I must agree with you calamansi should ber automatically served.

  4. I thought from the title that Tapa Lugaw meant that the lugaw has tapa! hehee!

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