California Pizza Kitchen at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

We dropped by California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at Shangri-La Plaza Mall last Saturday because we’re craving for pizza and pasta. We ordered Four Cheese Pizza and Chicken Piccata for dinner.

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Four Cheese Pizza, Php450.00

Four Cheese Pizza has smoked Gouda, Queso Quesadilla, Mozzarella, Fresh Mozzarella and Italian Pomodoro sauce with toppings of herbs and Parmesan. We all loved this! The little boy ate more than two slices, a good enough proof that he really liked it.

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Chicken Piccata (Family), Php825.00

This is a new item on their menu. Chicken Piccata is spaghettini with lemon-caper sauce topped with sliced chicken breast. Tangy and salty flavors combine in this delightful pasta dish with generous servings of tender chicken meat. This is a must-try!

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Real Leaf Honey Lychee, Php105.00

Real Leaf Honey Lychee is a tea flavored with lychee. I liked it because it’s light and refreshing. I would have wanted a more intense lychee flavor, though.

California Pizza Kitchen
2/F, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City

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2 Responses to California Pizza Kitchen at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

  1. maiylah says:

    delicious dinner!
    my sons almost always choose four cheese pizza over at yellow am sure they are going to love this four-cheese pizza, too! that chicken piccata looks tempting and i like the sound of the sauce: lemon caper sauce! yummmmm!
    unabashedly drooling here… lol. 😀

    thanks so much for taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, sis
    enjoy the weekend!

  2. Pal Raine says:

    These food are my favorite, pasta and pizza. I haven’t tried CPK yet but I’m sure I’m going to love their pasta and pizza indeed.

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