Malunggay-Fortified Fish Cracker

I chanced upon this Malunggay-Fortified Fish Cracker from MLGS Herbal Products while I was looking for my son’s school snacks from the supermarket last weekend. I bought it because it has malunggay in it. The fish cracker that we all love is now healthier!

 photo DSCN0904_zps77f53d6e.jpg

Malunggay-Fortified Fish Cracker, less than Php100.00

The ingredients of this Malunggay-Fortified Fish Cracker are as follows: cassava flour, anchovy, salt, malunggay powder and coconut oil.

Moringa oleifera is the scientific name of malunggay. Malunggay leaves, once considered “poor man’s vegetables” are now highly sought after by chefs and diners alike because of its various health benefits, such as:

• It helps boost the immune system.
• It helps control blood pressure.
• It helps relieve headaches and migraines.
• It helps promote good night’s sleep.
• It helps normalize blood sugar level to prevent diabetes.
• It helps heal inflammation of the tendons and joints.
• It helps heal certain diseases, like ulcer, diarrhea, fever, asthma, malnutrition, etc.

These are more than enough reasons for me to buy this fish cracker again. My 7-year-old son liked it, too. He said after showing me the empty pack, “It’s yummy, Mommy! Can we buy this again?”

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