My Tapa King Lunch

It was almost 2:00pm, but I haven’t had lunch yet. I had to find something to fill my rumbling tummy fast because I still needed to see my ENT doctor for a follow-up checkup and I had to be back to our place before my son arrived home from school. I decided to have lunch at Tapa King because it’s just inside Makati Medical Center.

 photo DSCN0801_zpsa55d37e8.jpg

Tapa King, Php130.00

This was my order, Tapa King, one of their classic plates which is actually their bestseller. It is tapa served with fried egg, achara (pickled green papaya) and garlic fried rice. I had spicy vinegar as dipping sauce. You know I seldom eat beef because it’s high in cholesterol, but I made an exception on this day because I wanted something nice to eat, and I made the right choice. The tender beef slices were tasty and were perfectly complemented by the spicy vinegar dip. I was actually tempted to order extra rice but remembered I was on a diet. Lol!

Tapa King
Second Floor, Tower 1
Makati Medical Center
Makati City

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