Croughnuts by Le Coeur de France

I’ve been meaning to eat at Le Coeur de France for the longest time. I finally got the chance to do that and try their latest food offering: croughnuts. They have three croughnut flavors that they’re selling for Php89.00 each: Double Belgian Chocolate, Parmesan Cheese and Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese. I bought all three, tasted a little of everything, and brought home what’s left for my son and hubby.

 photo DSCN1131_zps6d4612ee.jpg

Double Belgian Chocolate

It took just one bite for me to know that this Double Belgian Chocolate croughnut was freshly baked. I also knew just by looking at it that this was what my son would like because it’s topped with chocolates. It also had Bavarian cream inside, another one of his favorite foods to eat.

 photo DSCN1133_zpsbaf55746.jpg

Parmesan Cheese

I bought this Parmesan Cheese croughnut because I love cheese, but I was overwhelmed with the sweetness of the Bavarian cream inside this croughnut.

 photo DSCN1135_zpsb145f9ae.jpg

Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese

Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese was my favorite among the three croughnuts because it wasn’t too sweet. It had mixed berries syrup on top and cream cheese inside.

After trying out all three croughnuts from Le Coeur de France, I know now for a fact that croughnuts (croissant + doughnut) are called as such because they have the texture of croissants and the taste and look of doughnuts.

Le Coeur de France
3rd Level, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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6 Responses to Croughnuts by Le Coeur de France

  1. eyah says:

    wow! I love le coeur de france my favorite is the mango tart and lalo na pag may off sila sa hapon 🙂 hihi 🙂 This one is a must try!

  2. In Rob pala.. may ganyan? I only thought sa Shang lang meron.. I never saw doughnuts there either, lol Seems yummy though!

  3. I’m intrigued because it doesn’t look like a flaky croissant. I dislike croissants so the more not like croissants it is the more interesting for me lol. 😀

  4. I haven’t tried their cronuts yet but my friend said it’s a bit overpriced.. But knowing le coeur de france, their pastries are a bit expensive nga BUT the quality and taste is superb!

  5. Mommy Pehpot says:

    hindi ko pa na try! natatakot ako eh, baka mawili ako hahaha

  6. I haven’t tried Le Coeur de France’s Cronuts but it looks delicious

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