Hen Lin Siomai

I have a confession to make. Every time I’m out on my own whether to buy school supplies at National Book Store or do my grocery shopping, I make it a point to go to the Hen Lin stall near Robinsons Supermarket to get my fill of my current favorite comfort food: Hen Lin Siomai.

 photo DSCN1097_zps5ec38001.jpg

Hen Lin Siomai (4 pcs.), Php38.00

I like Hen Lin Siomai because it’s packed with meaty goodness and it’s well-seasoned. The calamansi mixed with soy sauce and chili sauce makes it even more appetizing. Sometimes, one order of Hen Lin Siomai is not enough, so I make it two, and I usually pair it with a cold bottle of fresh buko juice or buko shake.

Do you like Hen Lin Siomai, too?

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One Response to Hen Lin Siomai

  1. mum eats says:

    i think hen lin has the best tasting siomai! although, i am not too fond of it as i have low tolerance for everything oily, chomping on a couple of these mouth-watering siomao sure is a welcome treat anytime! 🙂

    been a while since i have been here + i am glad to drop by!

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