Baked Porky Popps by Oishi

We always have chips at home, mostly for my husband’s consumption. He always looks for something to nibble on at night when he watches TV while everybody at home is already asleep. I’m an occasional chips eater, and while our son loves chips, he is allowed to eat chips only on Fridays.

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Oishi’s Baked Porky Popps

I discovered Baked Porky Popps several months ago while doing my grocery shopping. While I love pork chicharon, I have avoided eating it for the longest time because of its high cholesterol content. What made me buy Baked Porky Popps is the fact that it’s baked which means it has less fat and calories than traditional fried pork chicharon.

Baked Porky Popps is “lean pork skin baked with hot air jets.” It comes in two flavors: Classic Vinegar and Hot & Spicy. I personally like the Hot & Spicy variant because it’s crunchy, tasty, zesty and totally addicting! Baked Porky Popps is now a staple in my grocery basket.

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5 Responses to Baked Porky Popps by Oishi

  1. hehe maiba lang instead of chicharon its porky pops

  2. zoan says:

    thanks for sharing this Mommy Tetcha 🙂 di ko alam toh, adik din kami sa chichirya.. pero first time ko nalaman na may porky pops pala 😀

  3. kikamz says:

    fave ko na chichirya from oishi before is the sour crackling ba yun… this one haven’t tried pa. although it looks delicious, di na ako naglalaway… stick na ako sa diet ko kasi. 😀 wahehe!

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I’ll try this nga.. mahilig din ang mga bata sa chicharon eh

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