Banana Leaf at The Podium

We had dinner at Banana Leaf at The Podium last November. Our simple fare consisted of Roti Canai, Tilapia Fillet with Malayan Cream Sauce and Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs.

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Roti Canai, Php88.00

We (hubby, me and son) all loved this! Roti Canai is a flatbread that is crispy and flaky on the outside but fluffy on the inside. It was served hot, and it came with a curry dip. It tasted great, and it’s quite filling! Actually, this was the only thing that our son would like to eat for dinner.

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Tilapia Fillet with Malayan Cream Sauce, Php288.00

This Tilapia Fillet with Malayan Cream Sauce had a hint of sweetness. The combination of oatmeal and milk was responsible for the sauce’s texture, color and flavor.

 photo DSCN1642_zpsa5649bb2.jpg

Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs, Php388.00

Because hubby loves pork, it’s not surprising that he’d order this Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs. The taste was okay, but contrary to what we expected, the meat wasn’t so tender.
It is obvious from my descriptions that of the three items we ordered, it was the Roti Canai that we enjoyed the most. It was delightfully crispy, and the thick and flavorful curry dip nicely complemented it.

Banana Leaf
2nd Floor, The Podium
Mandaluyong City

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9 Responses to Banana Leaf at The Podium

  1. Haven’t been to this restaurant before, but the Malayan Cream Sauce intrigues me! It looks yummy just by looking at the photo. 🙂

  2. Janine says:

    Roti Canai is intriguing. But the portions are quite nakakabitin.

  3. Badet says:

    I always pass by this restaurant in SM The Block. Just like Justin, I think I’ll enjoy the Roti Canai more. I want my baby back ribs to be fall-of-the-bone tender too.

  4. We always order Roti Canai at Banana Leaf! I didn’t know they had Baby Back Ribs…

  5. Mom-Friday says:

    I also order their roti when we dine there, as well as their fried cod fish, beef rendang and chicken satay.

  6. lilpink says:

    i love roti. but for 88php? O___O
    that costs only about 25php in tawitawi.

    nonetheless, bananaleaf is a good resto. ^^

  7. Ruth says:

    It is been a while the last time I ate at Banana Leaf! I remember the first time we ate here was in Greenbelt. Unfortunately, the store is no longer there. I cannot remember they offer Baby Back Ribs then 🙂

  8. mommy Peachy says:

    I was able to try Banana Leaf but it was a few years ago and I can’t remember what it was like eating there anymore.

  9. maiylah says:

    Haven’t tried Banana Leaf but have seen them around. Meron pala silang roti canai! A fave! Not sure if they still have a branch over at SM North; parang wala na ata.

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis
    Happy 2014!!!

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