All Good Instant Oatmeal: Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais

While I know that oatmeal will help me lower my bad cholesterol levels, I usually don’t buy this in groceries simply because I don’t like oatmeal too much. That was before I found All Good Instant Oatmeal. What enticed me to buy several packs of this instant oatmeal were its exciting flavors: Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais.

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All Good Instant Oatmeal (Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais), Php10 per pack

I tried the Arroz Caldo flavor first. Instructions to prepare this instant oatmeal are easy. Just pour the contents into a bowl, add boiling water, then stir and enjoy. This instant oatmeal has real ginger and onion chives and tasted like real arroz caldo complete with meat. Well, I initially thought it was meat, but it was actually textured soy protein, but I didn’t notice the difference. Oops, sorry, I have forgotten to take photos of this!

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The following day, I tried the Ginataang Mais flavor. This instant oatmeal has real corn, lots of them, and I really enjoyed that! It was also sweetened just right, so that’s another plus! It tasted like real Ginataang Mais, too.

Here are more things I like about All Good Instant Oatmeal Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais flavors:
• Each pack contains 3g of dietary fiber that aids in digestion.
• It has protein which helps build and repair body tissues (5g of protein in Arroz Caldo and 2g of protein in Ginataang Mais).
• It is low in fat (1.5g of fat in Arroz Caldo and 2.5g of fat in Ginataang Mais) and has zero cholesterol.
• It’s affordable for just Php10 per pack.
• It’s perfect for afternoon or midnight snacks.

What You Might Not Like:
One pack of All Good Instant Oatmeal Arroz Caldo flavor has 670mg of sodium, so I’d go easy on this one, perhaps just one pack of this a day or one pack every other day.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais flavors of All Good Instant Oatmeal. As a matter of fact, I bought several packs of both flavors again.

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8 Responses to All Good Instant Oatmeal: Arroz Caldo and Ginataang Mais

  1. zoan says:

    I will check this out. gusto ko din minsan instant para mas madali 😀 haha

  2. Therese says:

    I love this too! I was buying from Mini Stop around May and June pero wala na stocks hanggang ngayon 🙁 Do you know what groceries these are available? I tried looking at Rustan’s Supermarket pero wala rin. Help!

  3. Chtis says:

    I can’t find this product anymore in Robinson’s, SM and other big supermarkets for months … I love the taste of arroz caldo.. RR u still buying this product and where .. Thanks a lot.

  4. janeth says:

    please help me where to buy ALL GOOD ARROZ CALDO.

    BIG thanks 🙂

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