OMG’s Graham Clusters

Christmas isn’t over yet as a bag of sweet treats was delivered to our doorstep last January 3. The package contained three packs of OMG’s Graham Clusters in three variants: Milk Chocolate (red), Dark Chocolate (brown) and Peanut Arachides (yellow).

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OMG’s Graham Clusters: Milk Chocolate, Peanut Arachides and Dark Chocolate

OMG’s are graham clusters in milk or dark chocolate containing almonds or peanuts and toffee bits. They’re sweet, crunchy and chocolatey!

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My son likes the Dark Chocolate variant, while my personal favorite is the Peanut Arachides. After putting all three packs in the fridge, I realized that they’re more delightful to munch on because they’re crispier when cold.

Those interested to try OMG’s may call or text 0917 539-3750 or email You may also follow them on Facebook: OMGs-Philippines.

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3 Responses to OMG’s Graham Clusters

  1. mommy peach says:

    I haven’t tried it! It looks delicious!

  2. Genzel says:

    Wow! first time I’ve heard about this. Is this available in supermarkets?

  3. Emilie Hansen says:

    These are so good! They are true to their name. I was saying omg after every bit!

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