Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta 4

We had late dinner at Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta 4 last March 30 and ordered the following: Angus Beef Tapa, Pan-seared Dory with Mango Sauce, and Fish ‘N Chips.

 photo DSCN2977_zps3f402ef6.jpg

Angus Beef Tapa, Php390.00

This Angus Beef Tapa was hubby’s order. It consisted of marinated Black Angus beef, two eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up), grilled tomato, lettuce, homemade atchara (pickled green papaya) and garlic rice. Because the serving was huge, I was able to try most of what’s on hubby’s plate. The beef was undoubtedly tender and had a hint of sweetness. Hubby enjoyed it a lot. I, on the other hand, really liked the atchara; it was good, not too sweet nor too sour, just the perfect blend.

 photo DSCN2976_zpsd76008a6.jpg

Pan-seared Dory with Mango Sauce, Php310.00

I love anything with mango sauce, which is why I ordered this Pan-seared Dory with Mango Sauce. It was served with broccoli and baby potatoes. The veggies were well-seasoned and cooked just right. The fish, though, was way too salty, so I wasn’t able to finish it.

 photo DSCN2975_zps85467cbf.jpg

Fish ‘N Chips, Php299.00

The Fish ‘N Chips were for our son who was more interested in playing iPad games than eating his food. As expected, he ate only a few French fries. I tried his fish fillet and found out that it was salty, too, like my Pan-seared Dory. We let our server know about this, and he actually offered to have our orders changed, but we politely declined because it was already getting late.

Despite the saltiness of our cream dory fish, we still wanted to try other dishes on Heaven and Eggs menu next time. The courtesy and politeness of our server that night plus the yummy Angus Beef Tapa and their refreshing (and refillable) Heaven’s Signature Iced Tea were more than enough reasons for us to go back there again.

Heaven and Eggs
Ground Floor, Glorietta 4
Ayala Center, Makati City
American cuisine

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13 Responses to Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta 4

  1. maiylah says:

    Looks delicious! Too bad the fish was a tad salty for you; they used to have a branch over at Tomas Morato and we loved eating there (usually after church service, on Sundays). 🙂

    thank you so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis

  2. Oh, may Heaven & Eggs pa pala. The one near us closed down kasi. I haven’t been to H&E in years. I remember it used to be always full. Was the tapa fatty?

  3. I love mango sauce, too! Too bad the fish was salty. The dish looks yummy pa naman in the photo. 🙂

  4. Oh wow everything looks so yummy! I would like to have breakfast all day long too! Definitely would try this out

  5. Mom-Friday says:

    It’s been ages since I last dined at Heaven and Eggs in the QC branch… I wonder if it’s still open. I also order their tapa! 🙂

  6. zoan says:

    looks delicious!! pero di ko pa na try kumain sa Heaven and Eggs, sana meron sila store here sa min malapit 🙂

  7. mommynuts says:

    By just seeing the name of restaurant that suggests heaven, I am sure how the food taste like. I shall put this in my list to visit in the future.

  8. The Angus Beef looks so good! The Fish and chips looks like my kind of food din!

  9. BigMarie says:

    The photos look great, it makes me want to crave for Angus Tapa today, too bad it’s Black Saturday. Anyway, next time maybe you could ask them to make your cream dory and fish n’ chips a little less salty. When I ordered in restaurants, I always ask them a favor to make it little less salty. 🙂

  10. We used to frequent that place before and I can see they still serve good food.

  11. sherlane says:

    I haven’t tried Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta 4 and the food looks delicious. Will try to dine in there sometime :-).

  12. Badet says:

    The first and last time I was able to dine at Heaven & Eggs was 6 years ago! But I remembered I had a pleasant experience.

  13. Mommy Pehpot says:

    haven’t tried heaven and eggs but the tapa looks so good I might ask my husband to try this resto 🙂

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