Dessert Sampler by Max’s Restaurant

Whenever we dine at Max’s Restaurant and fancy some desserts but couldn’t decide what to order, we always resort to having their Dessert Sampler. That’s because we get to try small servings of 4 different desserts which are enough to satisfy our sweet cravings.

 photo DSCN3840_zpsf9ce4db2.jpg

Max’s Dessert Sampler, less than Php200.00

Max’s Dessert Sampler includes the following mini sweet treats:

Leche Flan (crème caramel) – sweet, rich and creamy dessert made from egg yolks and milk, topped with sweet caramel syrup.

Ube Crème Decadence – eggless custard with ube halaya (purple yam), topped with ube cake crumbs. It’s light, smooth and creamy.

Buco Pandan – salad made from fresh buko strips, green gulaman, cooked tapioca, sugar and pandan (for aroma). It’s refreshing and not too sweet.

Cream Caramel Brownie Ala Mode – brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. This is our son’s favorite among the four mini desserts.

Have you tried Max’s Dessert Sampler, too? Which mini sweet treat do you like the most?

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5 Responses to Dessert Sampler by Max’s Restaurant

  1. nova says:

    this is a great way to try everything in once dine-in …can’t decide as they all look good and in fact trying them all is worth to pay for. I think I’ll try the Ube Crème Decadence…looks really good

  2. Travel Quest says:

    What i miss more about Max resto is their main menu its been a decade since i ate maxs food. The desert looks tasty.

  3. I’d love the gulaman and leche flan, yum!

  4. papaleng says:

    Yummy foodies. Pang Media( me diabetes). The ube stuff is something I like.

  5. Must.. Try.. them.. soon! Seriously, I wanna try all of them soon since we have 2 branches here in Davao.. It’s so tempting!!

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