Kalbe Fitbar: A Healthy and Tasty Snack

These days, it takes me longer to finish my weekly grocery shopping because I check the labels of the snacks that I buy for my 8-year-old son. I purchase a particular food item for Justin if it is healthy and if it has minimum sugar content. I read from a magazine that 1 teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams, so I always do the Math when planning what snacks he’ll bring in school every day.

One of my recent supermarket finds is Kalbe Fitbar. It’s a snack bar from Indonesia that has zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, and has low calories and low sugar content. What’s more, Fitbar snack bar has all the goodness of oats (one of its main ingredients), which is a great source of fiber.

 photo DSCN5530_zps905d0818.jpg

Chocolate Fitbar by Kalbe (5pcs), Php89.75

The first variant I bought was the Chocolate Fitbar. I was the first one who tried it, and when Justin took a bite, he said it’s yummy. Once or twice a week, I drop a piece of this healthy snack bar in his lunch box.

 photo DSCN5536_zps823afd1c.jpg

Fitbar variants (top to bottom): Chocolate Fitbar, Nuts Fitbar and Fruits Fitbar

On my next trip to the grocery store, I bought Fitbar’s two other variants: Nuts Fitbar and Fruits Fitbar. Justin ate the Fruits Fitbar. He said it also tastes nice, but he likes the Chocolate Fitbar more. I tried the Nuts Fitbar, and I enjoyed it, too. My verdict: Fitbar is not only healthy but yummy as well.

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11 Responses to Kalbe Fitbar: A Healthy and Tasty Snack

  1. I love that ind of snacks. I have never seen that here though.

  2. papaleng says:

    I have seen this snack bar but ignore it though. Made in Indonesia pala. Seems a good stuff sa apo ko.

  3. hmm… is it good for babies?

  4. Edel says:

    Someone gave me a bar of that snack and I find it good. But I don’t know where to buy it. Can you please share which grocery? Thanks

  5. mamaspeaks says:

    Healthy snacks are hard to come by. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Michi says:

    Nice to know that this is zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, and has low calories and low sugar content. I haven’t tried this yet.

  7. The chocolate fitbar looks yummy. I’ll try it the next time we visit the market. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  8. I’ve seen this in the grocery but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I should grab one the next time I go to the grocery 🙂

  9. Joy says:

    Your son is blessed to have a mom like you because you make sure that he eats right. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  10. mimi pineda says:

    oh this looks great especially after the holidays. i’ll get these healthy bar.

  11. I’ll remember this next time I do a grocery run. I try to keep my daughter’s school snacks healthy too.

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