Doña Maria Rice Surprise at Makati Medical Center

We have visited Makati Medical Center (MMC) several times before Christmas for our family check-ups and on more than one occasion purchased food from a pretty interesting booth located on the 3rd floor of MMC’s Tower 2. It’s called Doña Maria Rice Surprise. I know that Doña Maria is a brand of premium quality rice, but I haven’t tried any of Doña Maria’s rice variants yet, so their company slogan of “Kanin pa lang, Ulam na!” intrigued me.

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Doña Maria Rice Surprise offers different rice toppings, like Lo Ma (Chinese Style Adobo), Sisig, Bicol Express, Binagoongan and Chicken Teriyaki, among others. You pay only Php65.00 to Php70.00 for these rice toppings, which are available in white or brown rice. They also have healthy merienda treats like Champorado and Ginataang Mais, which they sell for only Php40.00.

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I asked one of the staff if I could take pictures of their booth, and he agreed. While taking pictures, I asked a few questions, too. He mentioned that the owner of Doña Maria Rice Surprise is Henry Lim Bon Liong who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Sterling Paper Group of Companies.

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Bangus Sisig, Php65.00

The popular rice topping variants are prepared by their Commissary, frozen then delivered to Doña Maria Rice Surprise booths. They are then reheated using a microwave oven then transferred to slow cookers to keep them warm. The brown rice and white rice are cooked on the spot.

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So far, I’ve tried two variants, Lo Ma and Bangus Sisig, and both were delicious. I also enjoyed the chewy and sticky texture of the rice, but I love brown rice more than white rice. I also asked if customers can order extra white or brown rice, and the staff said yes, so that made me happier. When you happen to be in MMC and you need healthy, hearty and affordable meals, I highly recommend Doña Maria Rice Surprise.

Doña Maria Rice Surprise
3rd Floor, Tower 2
Makati Medical Center
Makati City

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16 Responses to Doña Maria Rice Surprise at Makati Medical Center

  1. Louisa says:

    Very affordable and looks yummy. Hope they’ll have more outlets!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh it was really a surprise knowing they have booth na kala ko grains lang talaga ang Dona Maria hehehe. MMC is just a walk away from the office. If I have time, I’ll ask our friends to drop by during lunch breaks. =)

  3. We love Dona Maria rice, I buy it from the supermarket every time. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it. Curious about this, I hope they set up in malls.

  4. Michi says:

    Very affordable nga. I haven’t tried Dona Maria Rice, nacurious naman ko sa Kanin pa lang, ulam na. 🙂

  5. I buy Dona Maria rice on a regular basis, because it’s what my kids like. It’s more expensive than the other grocery brands, but the quality is good.

  6. Janice says:

    Once in a while we buy Dona Maria rice in the grocery. This is the first time I’ve heard about them opening a stall though. I haven’t been to Makati Med in ages. Do they have other branches?

  7. Mukhang masarap! Reminds me of our cafeteria lunches at old San Beda when I was in high school. 🙂

  8. Would love to try their Bicol Express. ^^ Do they have other branches in QC?

  9. I’ve never tried Dona Maria Rice Surprise before, but I’ll take note. Their food looks yummy and I love that it’s very affordable. 🙂

  10. This sounds nice. I always see that brand’s ad on brown rice. Hope they expand so that it’s more accessible.

  11. Nerlie says:

    Proud to have been part of this group 20 years ago. More power!

  12. Pretty amazing they use brown rice. I hope they decide to put up stalls here in Cebu, too.

  13. Arge says:

    I hope that DM Rice Surprise will be available in more hospitals so that patients and their companions can enjoy inexpensive yet delicious dishes.

  14. Maan says:

    The dish looks delicious! I like how customers can choose between white or brown rice. Other restaurants should consider giving this option, too!

  15. Edel says:

    I hope they have booths in groceries. Will get some for hubby and daughter. 🙂

  16. MrsMartinez says:

    Nice concept restaurant ah! Too bad di ako napapadpad dyan sa Makati Med.

    Happy New Year!


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