Diner’s Original Bulalo in Tagaytay

We were in Tagaytay during the last weekend of April, and we had lunch at Diner’s Original Bulalo along Aguinaldo Highway.

 photo DSCN6992_zps1iyhjbzi.jpg

Original Bulalo (Large), Php504.00

Of course, we had to try their Original Bulalo because this is what they’re known for. As expected, the serving was huge, the soup was flavorful, and the meat was tender enough. You can also ask for a free soup refill if you want. However, the only vegetable it had was cabbage. I would have wanted more vegetables in my bulalo, like sweet corn and pechay. Also, I would have enjoyed it more if it were less greasy.

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Grilled Tilapia, Php246.00

Hubby and I liked this Grilled Tilapia because it was tasty and succulent.

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Sizzling Sisig, Php224.00

Slightly spicy with crunchy pork bits, this Sizzling Sisig was good, too.

 photo DSCN6994_zpsu1rffpil.jpg

Fried Tawilis, Php145.00

Unfortunately, the Fried Tawilis was a big letdown because most of what was served us were too salty.

 photo DSCN6991_zpsilninzcu.jpg

Chopsuey, Php135.00

It was nice to see lots of veggies in this Chopsuey, a perfect complement to the Grilled Tilapia.

 photo DSCN7002_zpsvx8lnva2.jpg

Halo-Halo sa Buko, Php168.00

This Halo-Halo sa Buko was my sister’s order. I wasn’t able to try it, so I don’t really know how it compares to the Halo-Halo we order at the malls, but serving this Filipino dessert in coconut shell, complete with the young coconut meat, is quite unique.

Except for the overly salty Fried Tawilis, everything else was okay (but not extraordinary) at Diner’s Original Bulalo.

Diner’s Original Bulalo
One Destination, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City

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6 Responses to Diner’s Original Bulalo in Tagaytay

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    That made me hungry. It’s been ages since I have last visited Tagaytay. I miss the fried Tawilis and Bulalo.

  2. Wow!! Those food are so inviting. I remember when i was still staying in Laguna before, Bulalo and sisig is our usual order in one of our favorite hang out there. Theirs was such a taste to remember and we kept on coming back if we we had a free time. People there must be a very good cook of Bulalos and sisg .. 😀

  3. Everything looks delicious especially the fried tawilis fish. The grilled tilapia looks tempting too. You can tell, I am a seafood lover lol.

  4. papaleng says:

    Good thing they have halo-halo and Chop suey, the rest kasi hindi ko kinakain. Next time we are in Tagaytay , mag-drop by kami sa place na ito.

  5. Oh my word! This is the second post I see about food. I am hungry right now and your pictures make it worst Sis lol. Now I am drooling like crazy.

  6. I guess their Halo Halo sa buko tastes good from the looks of it, and the presentation is unique.

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