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Enjoy Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Food Offerings for a Limited Time Only

My son and I had a fun and intimate dinner with fellow bloggers at Teriyaki Boy Burgos Circle last night. We got to try Teriyaki Boy’s summer food offerings, namely the Watermelon Shake, Natsu Maki and Summer Set meal, paired with old-time favorites Ebi Tempura and Gyoza.

 photo DSCN5075_zps3wn4o4gu.jpg

Watermelon Shake, Php85.00

This cool and refreshing Watermelon Shake is a sure-fire way to beat the summer heat. I can have two tall glasses of this without hurting my pocket!

 photo DSCN5081_zpsxhoqtq5r.jpg

Natsu Maki, Php150.00

If you’re a fan of Teriyaki Boy’s California Roll, I bet you’ll also love this Natsu Maki. “Natsu” in Japanese means “summer” and “maki” means “roll,” hence the term “Summer Roll.” Instead of mangoes, this Summer Roll has watermelon plus crabstick, Japanese mayo and fish powder, topped with caramelized watermelon and Japanese mayo and garnished with small spheres orange ebiko (shrimp roe) and black sesame seeds.

 photo DSCN5092_zps253qdxgl.jpg

Summer Set, Php379.00

Want to impress a date without spending an arm and a leg? Then try Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Set meal. For only Php379.00, you and your special someone will enjoy a Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl, Katsudon Rice Bowl, Natsu Maki and two (2) glasses of iced tea. You only add Php40 per drink if you want to upgrade it to Watermelon Shake, Mango Shake or Green Tea Milkshake. This delicious and affordable Summer Set is available for dine-in only and not in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

Now, let me just give you a brief background of the stars of this Summer Set meal: the Teriyaki Boy Chicken and Katsudon.

 photo DSCN5090_zpsfmc7yc0k.jpg

Teriyaki Boy Chicken

A visit to Teriyaki Boy isn’t complete without trying their signature dish, the Teriyaki Boy Chicken. This is grilled chicken fillet marinated and cooked with sweet and savory teriyaki sauce.

 photo DSCN5089_zpspjzltvnm.jpg


Katsudon, on the other hand, is breaded pork cutlets deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce, onions and leeks, with beaten egg, and served with steamed Japanese rice. My 9-year-old son tried both Teriyaki Boy Chicken and Katsudon, and he said, “They’re soft and yummy, Mommy!” Need I say more?

 photo DSCN5093_zpsdydhujn4.jpg  photo DSCN5087_zpsc69thugf.jpg

Ebi Tempura and Gyoza

You can pair your Summer Set meal with a plate of Teriyaki Boy’s crispy Ebi Tempura and tasty, succulent Gyoza to make your dining experience even more delightful. These two Teriyaki Boy bestsellers are available all year round.

Teriyaki Boy’s summer food offerings (Watermelon Shake, Natsu Maki and Summer Set meal) will only be available until June 9, 2016, so head on to the branch nearest you.

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18 Responses

  1. Oooh, the summer set looks very interesting. I don’t need to impress the hubby but he likes Japanese, he will enjoy this – affordable pa! The katsudon looks yummy too, btw. It’s funny how I’ve known Teriyaki Boy for a while now and yet I’ve not eaten there. I should try it!

  2. I have always been a fan of Teriyaki Boy! Japanese food has always been a positive hit with my taste buds, it’s the combination of sweetness and saltiness that gets me everytime!

  3. They have an amazing spread, I love Japanese food and if I were there, I will definitely take advantage of the offer! This post made me hungry!

  4. So lucky I just had my lunch, otherwise I will be drooling over the maki and gyoza and hate you for teasing my tastebuds. Haha!

  5. I will be out tonight and i will demand husband to treat me at teriyaki boy. I love their chiclen teriyaki and maki! This is of course super good news!

  6. My husband and I love Teriyaki Boy! However, since we moved to the South we haven’t visited it yet. The Summer Set looks delish indeed. Now I have a reason to “revisit” Teriyaki Boy, heehee! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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