Choobi Choobi, SM City Dasmariñas

We had to make an unplanned trip to SM City Dasmariñas yesterday, Christmas Day, to have the rubber shoes Justin received as gift from my sister exchanged for a bigger size. He ended up getting a different pair, the one that he likes better. We met my sister there, together with my parents, and after my son has gotten his new rubber shoes, we decided to have early dinner at Choobi Choobi. Their menu says, Choobi Choobi offers “the freshest seafood made affordable!” and our food server said, their specialty is Cebuano dishes.

 photo P_20161225_170138_zpsbisse5wa.jpg

We ordered Seafood Barkada Bag upon my sister’s suggestion, and we paired it with Choobi Pata and Sabaw sa Halaan, hubby’s choices.

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Sabaw sa Halaan, Php210.00

Sabaw sa Halaan is Choobi Choobi’s version of Clams in Ginger Broth. What sets this apart from others are the big clams, probably the biggest we’ve seen and had so far. The soup was heartwarming, perfect for a chilly Christmas night. I noticed, however, that clams this big are a bit rubbery; we ate them anyway. Lol!

 photo P_20161225_172228_zpspvqo53pk.jpg photo P_20161225_172255_zpsp304r5ou.jpg

See how big those clams are!

 photo P_20161225_171932_zpspvzihzgk.jpg

Seafood Barkada Bag, Php645.00

Shrimps, Chilean mussels, squid, chorizo and sweet corn are sautéed with garlic butter in this Seafood Barkada Bag that’s good for five to six people. The combination of the ingredients makes this the favorite item on our table. I love the soft squid, while the rest of the adults in our group enjoyed the shrimps and chorizo. You can have this spicy, too, if you like.

 photo P_20161225_171919_zpssjcbojqq.jpg

Choobi Pata (Large), Php485.00

This Choobi Pata was indeed soft and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside just like what their menu says. However, this “Large” Choobi Pata is quite small for its size. It just looks big on the plate because the parts were spread apart, but you’ll soon discover that it’s not as plump as it looks when you start eating it.

At Choobi Choobi, customers are given plastic gloves that they can use to avoid the mess when eating seafood. I failed to take a picture of these, though.

Choobi Choobi
LG/F SM City Dasmariñas
Governor’s Drive, Dasmariñas

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28 Responses to Choobi Choobi, SM City Dasmariñas

  1. Azrael says:

    barkada bag is like a boiling bag?
    dami ko na nakikita branch dito and saka sa cebu and davao marami nito
    di ko pa na try

    pero tempting to try na din kasi meron na nga dito

    • admin says:

      Hi, Az! I actually have no idea what the “bag” really means in their Seafood Barkada Bag because it was served on a platter. I’ll ask on our next visit.

  2. Jen Ubongen says:

    Hmm. looks yummy! We might eat there next time since lapit lang namin dyan. Dasma din kami. 😉

  3. Wow! Looks yum! Yun lang, ang layo ng Dasma sa amin. Hahaha!

  4. Ceemee says:

    I love shrimps! My hubby would like the squid. It’s sad about the pata. But pata from some restaurants are about 700 pesos, right?

  5. Jhanis says:

    OMG I keep telling myself I’m gonna eat there but haven’t yet. Allergic si hubby and kids sa seafoods. I don’t wanna go alone. 🙁 I want the shrips!

  6. Mommy Levy says:

    I want to try that Seafood Barkada Bag pero ako lang kakain hahaha

  7. Juvy says:

    Can’t say much, I am on a diet right now and I skipped dinner… and now your post made me hungry 😣

  8. Alaine says:

    That halaan looks so yummy! I hope they open a branch near our place.

  9. Coi says:

    I don’t eat halaan but those are big!! Shrimps look good! Parang ang sarap sarap 😀 Kalungkot naman yung crispy pata 🙁 Spread lang nila to look big

  10. good news yan, natry ko na kasi ung branch nila sa Q.C
    and the seafood are delicious kasi galing talaga sa source

  11. Michelle says:

    Wow! That’s a huge clam!! And I like it that customers are given gloves. Ang messy rin kasi kumain ng seafood talaga. Unless nasa bahay lang. Ang sarap tuloy kumain ng seafood ngayon especially yung mga soup-based! 🙂

  12. I love Choobi Choobi! Sana kaya ko gawin sa bahay yun sauce nila lol.

  13. Madz says:

    I haven’t tried this place but the food looks appetizing.The shrimp dish is mouthwarering.

  14. EINz says:

    I love seafoods! May branch ba dito sa alabang?😍

  15. Liz A says:

    I’m quite allergic to seafoods but this looks like something my family would enjoy. Too bad, Dasma is too far!

  16. Maan says:

    I think we also have a Choobi Choobi here! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to seafood and so is my son. I’d love to go for that pata haha but their specialty is really seafood, right?

  17. Ayi says:

    Nakakagutom naman :)) First time I heard of the restaurant. Will look it up 🙂

  18. I’ve been hearing about Choobi Choobi. The name is so cute! Oh, those clams are so big!!!

  19. Denice says:

    Oooh! Maybe we can try this out next tine we go to Dasma. 🙂 pata looks so yummy! Makes me crave for food this late at night!

  20. Wow! Thise spread looks good though… makes me hungry nga 🙂

  21. edel says:

    Haven’t tried that resto but I am drooling over that huge clam! My family loves seafood and I think they will like this dish.

  22. TweenselMom says:

    That’s a huge halaan ah. I’ve never seen one that big.

  23. Janice says:

    I’ve never heard of this resto before but would love to try it. Do they have other branches in Metro Manila?

  24. Macy Santos says:

    I never hard of Choobi Choobi but the barkada seafood looks appetizing tho a bit pricey. I wonder how many pieces of parwns/shellfish/squids are in the bag? In other words sulit ba?

  25. A lot of these restaurants in Cebu! And their tagline is in Cebuano! Food is good and not expensive. And yes, I definitely recommend the shrimps!

  26. Berlin says:

    Why so layo? I guess there is another branch along Quezon Avenue. And we need to check it out asap. Your post makes me want to just eat and be fat.

  27. Lhourdes Mercadero says:

    Ito yung gusto ko itry na resto. I’m looking for a nice rwatonto bring my Lola this month. Nakakamiss ang Clams.

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