Tender Bob’s at Greenhills Promenade

We intended to do some shopping at Greenhills, but because we left home late, we ended up just having dinner at Tender Bob’s in Promenade. While browsing through their menu, we were reminded of TGI Friday’s. Both restaurants offer American cuisine.

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Being first-timers here, we didn’t really know what to order, so we enlisted the help of our food attendant. We wanted something to pair with our Angus Sisig, and we were thinking of Salpicao. Tender Bob’s serves three types of Salpicao (U.S. Beef, Chicken and Salmon), and she suggested Salmon Salpicao. Our son, on the other hand, opted to have Chicken Tenders.

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Angus Sisig, Php359.00

The Angus Sisig is a lovely attempt at Americanizing Pinoy sisig. Instead of pig’s head and liver, this makes use of U.S. Black Angus Beef belly. It also has onions, jalapeño and aioli (instead of the usual mayonnaise). The beef bits were tender and tasted good, even without the aioli. Hubby and I liked this a lot, but I think I ate more of this (and more rice) than him. Lol!

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Salmon Salpicao, Php529.00

This Salmon Salpicao was the most expensive dish on our table, but we weren’t sold on it. The salmon was firm and soft and tasted fresh, but the dish itself was a bit bland. More seasonings, please!

 photo P_20170102_201512_zpsauwdulfu.jpg

Chicken Tenders, Php319.00

Our 10-year-old son enjoyed his crunchy-outside but tender-inside Chicken Tenders which he said was tasty. It came with fries and honey mustard sauce.

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Cookies & Cream Sundae, Php199.00

After enjoying his Chicken Tenders, Justin was in the mood for dessert. He asked for Cookies & Cream Sundae which has Oreos, Stik-O, cashew nuts, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream and cherry. Our son loves anything with chocolates, so this was okay for him.

Except for the slightly bland Salmon Salpicao at Tender Bob’s, everything else was good.

Tender Bob’s
Ground Floor, Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan

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26 Responses to Tender Bob’s at Greenhills Promenade

  1. Macy Santos says:

    Been frequenting the place since it’s within my area but never had a chance to dine at Tender Bob’s. But after reading this now I am fantasizing on the angus beef sisig and chocolate sundae..yum yum.

  2. i think i will pass on everything but not the sundae

  3. Mommy Pehpot says:

    Salmon on its own is flavorful na kase 🙂

    Haven’t tried that resto pero mukhang masarap ang dessert nila 🙂

  4. Ang tagal na since we last ate here. I think what we ordered was their Angus Steak. All I can remember is sobrang sarap. Haha!

  5. Ceemee says:

    This has me craving for beef! Mmm…. And chocolate ice cream, too!

  6. Arlene says:

    Last time I went, I ordered their chicken tenders and burger. Their chicken tenders was just okay but it wasn’t anything special – not something I’ll order if we eat here again. Burger was good, I also liked the fries that came with it. Service and ambiance were good too!

  7. Jen Ubongen says:

    We haven’t tried this place yet but the food looks tasty naman especially yung sisig!! And I’d probably order that cookies and cream sundae too! 🙂

  8. Awww! Im drooling over that sundae! Ramen Nagi serves good food, ive tried it once, its just that there’s no branch nearer my place. I hope meron na soon 🙂

  9. Nerisa says:

    The cookies and cream sundae would have been what my little boy would crave if we go here too.

  10. Juvy Ann says:

    I see this place often, but never gets to eat here. Food looks good.and priced reasonably given the ambiance. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Alaine says:

    That angus sisig is calling me!!! I should visit this resto soon.

  12. Coi says:

    I’m curious sa angus sisig hehe! I love sisig (the Pinoy one), and parang ang sarap i-try niyan! Hehe! Ah, kids and their chicken tenders. Hehe! Bigla ko lang naisip kasi even my kid, my niece and nephew, whenever we’re out, most likely this type of dish ang order hehehe! Wala lang, na-share lang ;p

  13. Wow may Angus Sisig pala. Mukhang I prefer this to the pigs ears version lol.

  14. May Palacpac says:

    I haven’t tried Tender Bob’s but I was told that they serve really good food.

  15. I remember having a date with hubby at Tender Bob’s in another branch. We had steak and salad back then. Will try what you had too. Glad they have a branch in Promenade na.

  16. Mommy Levy says:

    I want to try that Angus Sisig. WIll look for this here sa South area.

  17. Ayi says:

    I love Tender Bob’s 🙂 Favorite ko din dyan yung salad nila :))

  18. Pinknomenal says:

    I’ve eaten na here with my friends. Ssrap ng meat selections nila!

  19. Claire Santiago says:

    I drool on my favorite sisig. Good to know Tendèr Bob’s version is a bit healthier

  20. RJ Dancel says:

    It’s been a while since we ate at Tender Bobs! To be quite frank, during college, it was my staple place to eat in 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for reminding me this yummy restaurant exists!

  21. Berlin says:

    The chocolate sundae and angus sisig look too yummy not to be tried. Weve been to Tender Bob before but havent tried a number of your order. I remember we had ribs or steak ata, fries and fish fillet, nachos and anything children would love to eat. Usually when we dine in, the boys choose from the menu as we do not want the food to go to waste. Your choices are real yummy and.I hope this time, they were able to improve on the salpicao.

  22. Tweenselmom says:

    Love to try the angus sisig kasi my husband loves all kinds of sisig. Medyo pricey lang sa tender bobs but it will be worth the try.

  23. We haven’t tried the angus sisig there. We love their grilled pork chops. As for me, I always order the salmon as I’m not that into beef or pork. Hehe

  24. Janice says:

    I’ve only tried Tender Bob’s once at their Greenbelt branch. It was a good experience. I liked their steak.

  25. We haven’t tried pa this place but it looks interesting. the foods look so delish & juicy. That Angus Sisig looks so yummy!

  26. jem alvarado says:

    It’s been a long while since I dine in to this restaurant. I love their baby back ribs 🙂

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