Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the second grandest festival in China next to the Chinese New Year, falls on October 4th this year. This festival is being observed during the fullest state of the moon which symbolizes harmony and prosperity. It is also the perfect time for family reunions.

The celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without mooncakes which symbolize family unity and completeness. Haven’t bought your mooncakes yet? Fret not because Marco Polo hotels have got you covered.

Mid-Autumn Treasure Mooncakes

You can get special mooncakes for Hou Yi 後羿(box of 4, Php2,288), and Chang ‘E 嫦娥 (box of 6, Php3,388) at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu and Marco Polo Davao. Indulge in these exquisite and timeless traditional delights, straight from the Pearl of the Orient, as gifts or for sharing with family and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Lung Hin restaurant is located on the 44th floor. To know more about the hotel, visit www.marcopolohotels.com and follow the hotel on Facebook at facebook.com/MarcoPoloOrtigasManila or @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter and Instagram.

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