Pho Hoa at Robinsons Galleria

After our unfortunate family dining experience at Pho Hoa’s SM Megamall branch in 2010, I swore not to dine in this restaurant again. However, the newly opened Pho Hoa branch in Robinsons Galleria was simply so inviting that my son and I, together with a friend and her daughter, had lunch here last April. We have two bowls of Pho noodle soup, one rice plate and dessert.

Com Ga nuong Cha Gio (Grilled Chicken and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice), Php295

Of course, the rice plate was mine. I had Com Com Ga nuong Cha Gio. It’s Grilled Chicken and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice. I loved that the rice serving is huge. Two small but perfectly seasoned fried spring rolls is fine, too. The tender grilled chicken is soft and sweet, actually a bit too sweet for me. The solution is dipping it in the spiced vinegar. After finishing my rice plate, I came to the conclusion that I like the grilled pork version of this more.

Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup), Php250 (Small)

My son settled for Pho Ga or Chicken Noodle Soup. It has rice noodles, boiled egg, chicken strips and veggies. It also came with a separate small plate of beansprouts, basil leaves and lemon wedge. Since my son is not too fond of veggies, he ignored these condiments on the table and simply ate the noodles, chicken and egg. He didn’t finish all of it, though, because the serving was big so I got to try it, too. The soup was delicious!

Pho Do Vien (Seafood Noodle Soup), Php380 (Large)

My friend and her daughter shared a large bowl of Pho Do Vien or Seafood Noodle Soup. I see shrimps and fish balls in their soup. There seems to be crab sticks as well from what I saw on the menu. Mother and daughter seemed satisfied with their order. This is something I’d love to order for myself on our next visit to Pho Hoa.

Mango Crepe with Ice Cream, Php185

Because my son was keen on having dessert somewhere else, only my friend and her daughter ordered dessert at Pho Hoa. They had Mango Crepe with Ice Cream. Oh, it looks so inviting! I assume it’s also yummy because they asked for another plate of this.

Pho Do Vien and Mango Crepe with Ice Cream are the two things I have to try when we visit Pho Hoa again.

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House
Level 3, Upper Veranda
Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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