Native Gourmet Filipino Artisan Delicacies: Practical Wedding Favors and Gifts

Hubby got these Native Gourmet Filipino Artisan Delicacies from a wedding he recently attended.

Gourmet Bangus in Corn Oil 8oz (Php195), Chili Garlic Oil 4oz (Php195), Rock Organic Philippine Sea Salt 80g (Php75)

I got excited upon seeing these products, especially the Gourmet Bangus in Corn Oil because I absolutely love bangus (milkfish). In fact, I already finished the entire bottle. Yay! My verdict: It’s rightly seasoned, not salty at all. And as you can see, the baby bangus used here is full and firm. You must try this!

One thing I really like about Native Gourmet is that they use organic ingredients in their products. Aside from that, their products have No preservatives, NO MSG and NO artificial flavoring.

Here’s a list of their gourmet offerings:
• Gourmet Bangus (Premium Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Adobo Flavor)
• Gourmet Alamang
• Gourmet Tuyo
• Gourmet Crab Roe “Taba ng Talangka” (Original Lemongrass or Spicy)
• Chili Garlic Oil
• Diablo Chili Paste
• Organic Sea Salts “fleur de sel”
• Toasted Garlic Flakes

I love giving and receiving practical gifts, and these Native Gourmet Filipino Artisan Delicacies definitely fit the bill.

Native Gourmet
For orders:
iMessage/Viber/Whatsapp (NO Calls/SMS): 0939920439
SMS/Calls Only: 09218120827

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