Bao Today at 313@Somerset, Singapore

We had our first dinner in Singapore at Bao Today located at 313@Somerset. Bao Today offers traditional Chinese food and dim sum delights. Our dinner fare consisted of Spicy Wanton in Sichuan Style, Char Siew Crispy Shrimp Dumpling Noodle, Curry Chicken Rice, and Bao Today XO Think Think Noodle.

Spicy Wanton in Sichuan Style (8 pcs.), 7.80 SGD

The menu says this Spicy Wanton in Sichuan Style is highly addictive, and it is! It was hot, hot, hot, and celicious! We ordered this again at Bao Today before we left Singapore. We highly recommend that you try this, too.

Char Siew Crispy Shrimp Dumpling Noodle, 6.80 SGD

What the hubs ordered was the “dry” version of Char Siew Crispy Shrimp Dumpling Noodle, thinly sliced barbecued marinated pork with noodles and fried shrimp dumpling. This is one of Bao Today’s bestsellers. I wasn’t able to taste some of it as I was deeply enamored and heavily preoccupied with my Curry Chicken Rice. Tee-hee!

Curry Chicken Rice, 6.80 SGD

Whoa! That was one big bowl of curry! I love that they gave a generous serving of that flavorful and slightly spicy curry sauce. Sauce pa lang, ulam na, promise! Couldn’t get enough of my Curry Chicken Rice that I ordered an extra serving of rice, would you believe? It was just my first dinner in Singapore, and I was already fattening myself up. Ha ha!

Bao Today XO Think Think Noodle, 4.80 SGD

I couldn’t actually fathom why this Bao Today XO Think Think Noodle is called as such. Like his dad, Justin ordered the “dry” version, instead of the soup version, of this noodle dish. If you noticed, this was the cheapest dish we ordered at Bao Today, but according to the menu, it’s one of the sought-after local delights at Bao Today. . Nothing fancy here as you can see, but the luncheon meat-egg-noodle combination suited our teenager just fine.

We had a very pleasant experience at Bao Today on our first day in Singapore. Food is great but inexpensive, and they don’t have service charges, too.

Bao Today

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