Shake Shack at Central Square Mall in BGC

We’ve been to Shake Shack BGC twice or thrice already. On our first visit, all three of us ordered their ShackBurger. Father and son had Ube Shake, too, while I opted for their Calamansi Limeade. On our next visit, I tried their ‘Shroom Burger and our teenage son tried their all-beef Hot Dog.

ShackBurger (Single),Php250

ShackBurger is Shake Shack’s cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes and ShackSauce. My first impression upon seeing my ShackBurger is that it was too small for me and I didn’t think it would suffice, that is, I’d still be hungry after eating it. Boy, I was wrong! It was actually filling! I actually enjoyed munching the juicy and tender beef patty with the crisp lettuce and tomatoes.

‘Shroom Burger, Php445

If you want a healthier alternative to ShackBurger, I suggest you try their ‘Shroom Burger. I had this on our next visit, and I loved it! This is portobello mushroom fried to golden crisp perfection with cheddar and muenster cheese and exactly the same veggies as the ShackBurger. It’s good, but the price of Php445 is a bit stiff for me, so I guess I’ll have it only once in a blue moon.

Hot Dog (All-Beef), Php200

Our teenage son ordered this All-Beef Hot Dog on two separate occasions, but we never ordered Shack Cheese Sauce for it that costs Php50. That’s because his fries already had cheese on it, and he actually preferd ketchup and mustard on his hotdog.

Cheese Fries, Php180

Cheese Fries are crinkle-cut fries slathered with cheese. He finished these all on his own.

Father and son always ordered Ube Shake whenever we visit Shake Shack. Apologies, though, as I don’t have a picture of it. The Ube Shake costs Php190. It’s a delightful blend of vanilla frozen custard and ube. I’ll order this, too, next time.

Shake Shack Philippines
Central Square Mall
Bonifacio Global City

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