Yummy Eats at Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort

We We went to Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort in Silang, Cavite last December 19 for an overnight stay in one of their VIP rooms. We’ve had two meals and a snack in this farm resort during our stay, and we absolutely loved all the food they served us.


For dinner, we had Korean Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken, and Mushroom Kare-Kare. Why did we order two kinds of fried chicken? That’s to give our son a choice on which he actually preferred. For this round, the regular Fried Chicken won our son’s heart.

Korean Fried Chicken, Php200

Had we known that there were are four chicken wings in this Korean Fried Chicken, then we shouldn’t have opted to have the regular Fried Chicken, too. These were more than enough for two adults and one teenager. We never regretted ordering this, though, since it’s juicy and quite flavorful! I ate a lot of this, like most of it! Haha!

Fried Chicken, Php200

Gratchi’s Fried Chicken is crunchy and rightly seasoned. Our teenage son preferred this over the Korean Fried Chicken.

Mushroom Kare-Kare, Php200

If you happen to visit Gratchi’s, make sure you try some of their mushroom dishes, like this Mushroom Kare-Kare. The star of this delectable veggie treat is the oyster mushroom that was harvested from Gratchi’s very own Bahay Kabute (Mushroom House). I actually didn’t feel like I was missing out on the meat because these were all veggies. The subtle flavor of mushroom and its chicken-like texture, mixed with the creamy peanut sauce, was delightful!

Now, Who do you think ate the most at dinnertime?

Breakfast of the Pampered Guests

Overnight accomodations at Gratchi’s come with free breakfast. Our breakfast spread on our 2nd day at Gratchi’s consisted of Longganisa, Fried Eggs, Achara (pickled papaya) and Señorita Bananas with a big bowl of fried rice. The last item was a great come-on for a huge rice eater like me. Teehee!

Everything was awesome! We covered what’s left of our breakfast because we intended to eat again after our river trekking. Alas! We weren’t able to do that because even before we went down to see the river, we were given complimentary snacks courtesy of my friend and former officemate who happens to work at Gratchi’s.

Midmorning Snacks

Crispy Fried Mushroom, Php220

I asked for the price of this Crispy Fried Mushroom – even though it’s free for us – for the benefit of my dear readers. Ang sarap, mga besh, plus it’s healthier, too, compared to the very sinful chicharong bulaklak that I also like.

Tarragon Iced Tea (1 pitcher), Php250

Tarragon Iced Tea for me tastes somewhat like cola. It’s pleasantly sweet and refreshing.

So did we have a great time at Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort? Oh yes, we did, and we were well-fed, too! Big thanks to Tammy Zalameda and their courteous and accommodating staff. We will be back, promise!

Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort
Landline: (02) 8664-1633
Globe: 09177265484
Sun: 09228910963
Smart: 09209565673
Email: info@gratchi.com
Website: https://www.gratchi.com/

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