Enjoy Guilt-Free Eating with Mekeni’s Yogurt Hotdog and Gluten-Free Longanisa

My husband and son love hotdog, so this is always a staple food at home. They both like longanisa, too. While I want father and son to eat their favorite comfort food at home, I simply cannot yield to their request for these food items all the time as they are not healthy treats. Good thing Mekeni came up with healthier versions of these all-time Filipino favorites with their Mekeni GoLite and Mekeni Chicken Longanisa.

Compared to the usual hotdog or sausage, Mekeni GoLite has 25% less fat, zero trans-fat, and no artificial coloring. It also does not need to be pan-fried in oil. You can simply pour hot water into it, wait for three minutes, and enjoy it guilt-free.

Mekeni’s Chicken Longanisa, on the other hand, is gluten-free. And because its main ingredient is chicken meat, it definitely is the healthier version of our all-time favorite longanisa.

Mekeni Chicken Longanisa goes perfectly with garlic fried rice and egg or with a plain hotdog bun, while Mekeni GoLite provides a light, healthy snack anytime of the day.

Mekeni assures customers that these healthier alternatives are given the same attention to quality as their other products, ensuring that customers can enjoy the same taste that Mekeni products are known for.

Mekeni Chicken Longanisa is available in major supermarkets and wet markets grocery stores nationwide in 250g and 500g packs, while Mekeni GoLite is available in 500g packs in select specialty stores.

For the list of stores where to buy these products, send a message to Mekeni’s Facebook page. Those who want them delivered straight to their doorstep can also opt for delivery via Mekeni’s Home2Home delivery service, which can be accessed through the company’s official Facebook page, or Viber community Mekeni Home2Home Delivery.

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