My TinaPay Online Experience

I’ve been meaning to try TinaPay Online after seeing a number of good reviews on Facebook about this bread delivery service. I finally got to order from them last Monday. We bought three of their best-selling products (Ube Cheese Pandesal, Double, Spanish Bread) and a lot of pandesal (10 packs to be exact). Well, we didn’t eat all 10 packs of pandesal; we shared half of them to the stay-in security and maintenance personnel in our condo.

Each bread pack (10 pieces/pack) is placed in a brown paper bag with sealed sticker and put in a small plastic bag that’s carefully tied to avoid contamination.

Ube Cheese Pandesal and Spanish Bread (Small)

The bread smelled good! That was my first impression after taking all the bread packs out of the plastic bags. First to be wiped out was the Ube Cheese Pandesal, followed by Double Cheese. Our pandesal is meant to last until the weekend, so we still have some left for tomorrow’s breakfast. A few pieces of Spanish bread are still in the fridge, too.

Their Ube Cheese Pandesal was good. It’s slightly sweet with a slice of cheese inside. All three of us liked this a lot! Each pack (10’s) costs Php100. The Spanish bread (10’s – Small Php60; Big Php100), on the other hand, has an adequate amount of margarine inside. I also like that customers have a choice of size when ordering this.

The sweet Double Cheese is bigger and quite filling. It’s called Double Cheese because there’s cheese outside and inside the bread. Double the cheese, double the fun! Eighty pesos for a pack of 10 Double Cheese bread is definitely worth it.

Pandesal is soft and buttery, and it’s not hollow inside, so you’ll get more pandesal goodness in every bite. Our Filipino breakfast during lockdown is not complete without pandesal. We usually pair our it with peanut butter, Reno liver spread, home-made tuna spread, or scrambled egg.

Verdict: I like their bread. It’s freshly baked and smells so good. It’s also quite affordable. They also have a wide selection of bread to choose from. The seller is accommodating and replies promptly to inquiries, too.

How to order: Send TinaPay Online a message on Facebook. They offer next-day delivery with two payment options: BPI and GCash.

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