Guide To Buying Art Online

The rise of digital channels and the rapid growth of e-commerce platforms over the last decade have caused people’s buying habits to change dramatically. Many people are now making a majority of their purchases online. This is especially apparent in the world of art where many art collectors, primarily the new art collectors, have turned to buying art online. This is largely a result of art businesses shifting to online and there are several sites that enable customers to browse various quality artworks from around the world right from the comfort of their own home.

It can be a seamless and rewarding process to purchase paintings, sculptures, and photography online, but it is crucial to identify the factors to ensure that buying art online is a positive experience. The factors are to confirm the legitimacy of the website or platform, the authenticity of the work and more. Read on for some tips for buying art online.

So you have come across a piece of art online, want to purchase it, but are unsure how or where to begin? Keep reading on to learn more.

Why Buy Art Online?

By purchasing a beautiful work of art online changes the entire experience of buying art. Buyers are able to easily engage with art with great ease and accessibility. Art galleries are now actively using online platforms to sell works of art and even major auction houses carry out online auctions weekly. Many art collectors have expressed how the ability to purchase works through these digital platforms has encouraged them to buy works by artists outside their country or region.

Tips for Buying Art Online

It is crucial to start searching on a trusted and reliable platform that sells legitimate works of art by recognized artists is the first step to buying art online. This is to prevent being scammed or stuck with art that you cannot return.

Do Your Research

Look into the reliability of the online seller or dealer who serves as the intermediary between the artist, gallery, and the client. Be absolutely certain that you are shopping on a genuine site and check out positive customer reviews and testimonials of that company to ensure that the website is legitimate before you make any purchases.

Credibility and Authenticity

All reliable and genuine online art platforms should sell works that come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a document that determines the artwork artist and date of creation, should accompany every work of art, whether or not it sells. It acts as a stamp of approval that verifies and proves that the work was indeed created by the artist. This certificate is needed should you plan on reselling the piece in the future.

Method of Payment

Just like purchasing items from other websites, you want to be certain that the method of payment is secure. Payment via credit or debit card is the safest. PayPal another trusted form.


When you buy a piece of art you love, you would want it to be handled and shipped by professionals. Ideally, when you buy art online, you should take note of which professional shipping service will be used. For large art pieces, it is better to confirm what the arrangement will be and whether custom-made special crates are needed to protect the artwork during art transport. There are many shipping companies out there ready to carry out your international shipment and very often people often feel overwhelmed when trying to arrange shipping items internationally. Online shipping marketplace platforms such as Shiply can help. By just filling up a simple form, you can receive personalized quotes from international shipping companies directly into your mailbox. You can compare prices and message the shipping companies for details, all in one place.

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