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Review of Alfonso’s Instant Chocolate Champorado

Having missed the screening time of a film I was meaning to watch yesterday, I ended up just buying groceries at Robinsons Supermarket. I was looking for breakfast food and saw this seemingly new item on top of the shelf: … Continue reading

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Nabisco Ritz Toasted Chips

My search for healthier school snacks for my 7-year-old son had me buying bags of Nabisco Ritz Toasted Chips for several weeks in a row. I found this product at the Health & Wellness Section of Robinsons Supermarket. It comes … Continue reading

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Healthy You Toasted Cashew

I found another delicious and nutritious food item from Healthy You: Healthy You Toasted Cashew. Healthy You Toasted Cashew (100g), Php77.25 Ingredients: Cashew, Hydrogenated Palm, Coconut Oil and Iodized Salt. Health Benefits of Cashew: • It has a lower fat … Continue reading

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