Merienda Time at Dekada

It was a weekend in July when we spotted Dekada in Glorietta 3 and decided to stop by and have some snacks before going home.

Okoy, Php118

This Okoy was my and my son’s favorite of all the merienda food we ordered. So crispy! The spiced vinegar dip made it even more delightful to eat. Adding more shrimps in this Okoy, though, would make it even more enjoyable.

Dinuguan with Puto, Php208

There were no complaints from hubby about his Dinuguan with Puto, so I’m assuming he was satisfied with it. Well, visually, it looks appealing, but I cannot comment on the taste because I wasn’t able to try it.

Bibingka with Salted Egg, Php118

I wanted to try this Bibingka with Salted Egg because it’s been a while since I last had one. It was okay price-wise and taste-wise, but I would have wanted a softer and smoother texture for my bibingka.

It’s pure delight to have Filipino comfort food every once in a while, and when you do crave for some, Dekada is a place you might want to visit.

2nd Floor, Glorietta 3
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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The Health Benefits of Potatoes for Pregnant Women

Twelve years have passed since I conceived with my unico hijo, but to this day, the memory of my pregnancy days is still clear to me. It wasn’t really a difficult pregnancy. I didn’t have morning sickness or work restrictions, but I was always sleepy and frequently hungry. I craved for saucy or soupy dishes back then, with meat and lots of veggies. One particular vegetable that I loved having in my meals when I was pregnant were potatoes. I absolutely enjoyed putting potatoes in braised fish or beef and in my pork stew.

No need to worry, though, as I was a conscious eater even back then. For fear of having gestational diabetes, I practiced healthy eating during pregnancy. I avoided caffeinated drinks, excessive sweets and too much carbohydrates. I didn’t get rid of rice, bread or pasta, though, in my diet because I know that if taken in the right amount, these food choices would provide the nutrients I needed for me and my growing baby. Carbohydrates, like potatoes, if consumed in the right proportions, are actually good for pregnant women, and here’s why.

Health Benefits of Potatoes
Potatoes are the best source of potassium for pregnant women as these can help them avoid those horrible leg cramps in the middle of the night. In fact, potatoes have the highest potassium content among the top 20 most frequently consumed raw vegetables. A medium-sized US potato (about 5.2 oz.) has 620 mg of potassium, which is much higher than a banana. It also contains only 110 calories when prepared with the skin on.

Potatoes are also rich in Vitamin C that helps boost the immune system, vitamin B6 that keeps the nervous system healthy, plus iron and fiber that helps digestion and lowers bad cholesterol. Potatoes are also high in folate, a nutrient needed especially during early pregnancy to help reduce the risk of brain and spine problems in infants. Potatoes are also fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free. So yes, contrary to what others believe, potatoes are actually good for pregnant women.

Potatoes for Pregnant Moms
Why do pregnant women crave for starchy food? The growing baby in the womb gets energy from their mothers in the form of glucose. This is what causes a drop in the pregnant women’s blood sugar levels, which in turn triggers their cravings for starchy food. Potatoes are a convenient and delicious way to satisfy those cravings and will make pregnant women feel fuller faster. What’s more, a serving of mashed potatoes can also reduce gastric acidity during pregnancy.

Potatoes, if eaten in the right amount and prepared the right way, will help meet the nutritional needs of both the pregnant moms and their babies. Try baked or steamed potatoes, instead of fried, for a healthier treat. You can also combine potatoes with meat and vegetables and make them part of your heartwarming soup and stew. You can also season boiled potatoes with spices, olive oil and vinaigrette for a yummy concoction.

Delicious Potato Recipes
Potatoes USA, an organization that has thankfully brought US frozen, US tablestock (fresh) and US dehydrated potatoes to our shores, offers a lot of options for potato meals.

Try whipping up this healthy and delicious Cilantro Chimichurri and Garlic Roasted Potatoes.

This delectable Spanish Potato Salad with Tuna Boquerones will surely have you craving for more. For more potato recipe options, click on

High quality US potatoes are available at major supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information on US potatoes, you can get in touch with the local Potatoes USA-Philippines office at +632.534.8534 and You may also visit or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook at

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Loving Our Café Via Mare Dinner

Our family dinner last night was so satisfying that the flavors of it all still linger in my mind. Forgive me for being so poetic, but I guess a good meal really does have that unique effect. We were at Landmark Department Store Makati last night, and Café Via Mare was practically just in one corner, waiting, beckoning for us to find our comfortable seats inside and delight in their delectable food offerings. Here’s what we ordered: Kare-Kare, Pinalutong na Tilapia, Puto Bumbong and Guinataang Halo-Halo.

Kare-Kare, Php480

It’s been a while since we’ve last had Kare-Kare. Hubby also just got home from more than a week’s stay in New York for an official trip, and he’s been missing rice and his favorite Pinoy dishes, so yeah, Café Via Mare was the perfect solution to his food cravings. And boy, this Kare-Kare didn’t disappoint with its creamy peanut-annatto sauce and uber tender ox tripe and ox tail. The bagoong alamang was also a winner, not too salty nor oily.

Pinalutong na Tilapia, Php300

Our son wasn’t fond of Kare-Kare, so we ordered something we know he’d eat, Pinalutong na Tilapia. It’s crispy golden-fried tilapia, served with soy-calamansi dip. The tilapia seemed to be unseasoned, but with the soy-calamansi dip, it was delightful! Justin enjoyed this a lot that he ate most of it. Lol!

Guinataang Halo-Halo, Php115

For dessert, hubby wanted Guinataang Halo-Halo. All three of us shared a big bowl of this Pinoy comfort food. Surprisingly, our son tried it and liked it. For one, it wasn’t too sweet. There was a lot of sago pearls in the serving bowl and a few small bilo-bilo, plus a few slices of banana plantain. However, I didn’t see any langka and sweet potato in our Guinataang Halo-Halo. It would have been more delightful if those two ingredients were present in our dessert bowl, too.

Puto Bumbong, Php90 (with grated cheddar cheese +Php20)

Finally, our Café Via Mare visit wouldn’t be complete without having a taste of their famous Puto Bumbong (sticky purple rice), served with muscovado sugar, grated coconut and grated cheddar cheese. It was delicious and so bitin (not enough)! Next time, we’ll order more.

It was a lovely dinner! Need I say more?

Café Via Mare
2/F Landmark Department Store
Makati Ave., Ayala Center
Makati City

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