TIKIMystery Challenge (with Tonipet Gaba) Episode 1

We Pinoys love to eat and are not afraid to try something new or unique. It seems, however, that we are more interested to sample other cuisines for a different experience, often forgetting that Filipino food is great to explore, too. Why, even foreigners love our lechon, adobo and pansit!

 photo TIKIMystery with Tonipet Gaba_zpswepdhytn.jpg

Kuya Tonipet Gaba, a known Filipino foodie, has discovered that Pinoy dishes can be more exciting especially those cooked with a twist. As such, he has launched a 3-part video series that challenges Pinoys to a TIKIMystery Challenge where they find out the twists in different classic Pinoy dishes. This also aims to promote a greater appreciation for Filipino food among Filipinos themselves.

Watch the first of the 3-part series here: TIKIMystery Challenge Episode 1

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JOLLY University Year 4 Grand Champion Bernice Angeline Tenorio’s Winning Dish Was Inspired by Her Mom!

For most of us, no dish tastes better than the one prepared by our moms. Indeed, food prepared with love is the tastiest of them all. 19-year-old Bernice Angeline D. Tenorio, JOLLY University Year 4 Cook-off grand winner shares the same opinion.

 photo Bernice Tenorio and her mom     Lalaine 1_zps6xla5vuk.jpg

Bernice chose to honor her first kitchen hero, Mommy Lalaine, through her cooking. Her award-winning recipe at the recent tilt was not inspired by trips abroad or created for personal glorification but one that was drawn from her fondest memories of, and deep love for, her awesome mother.

Born to be a Champion

Bernice is the eldest among the brood of six. Her humble beginnings didn’t stop her from dreaming big. She was raised a champion. In fact, she graduated class valedictorian in grade school and was a consistent top student achiever in high school.

Bernice’s interest in cooking didn’t start until her grandmother, who operates a home-based kitchenette in Marilao, Bulacan, passed away in 2012. To keep her mother’s recipes alive, Mommy Lalaine took over the business. Bernice knew she needed to help her mother run it. That’s why she took up Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST).

 photo Bernice Tenorio and her mom     Lalaine 2_zpschqeep3r.jpg

Mommy Lalaine is a self-trained cook and home-based baker with a degree in Mass Communication from St. Scholastica’s College Manila. She gave up her career as a magazine writer and reporter to become a full-time housewife and mother to Bernice and her siblings.

“She’s my first idol and mentor. I learned a lot about cooking from her, I look up to her and I try to mirror her strength: her patience, discipline, resourcefulness, the diligence, and how she handled the nitty-gritty aspects of running our small kitchen while looking after the family’s welfare. I remember both of us staying up till the wee hours of the morning finishing bulk food orders or decorating cakes for customers. It was tiring but very fulfilling,” shared Bernice.

Bernice said that her Mom’s perseverance amazes her. “Just like she would in her cakes and pastry creations, she would strive long and hard in executing to the detail to beautifully achieve the end results.”

JOLLY Winning Moment

When Bernice heard about JOLLY University Year 4 cooking competition, she immediately signed up to try out and to showcase her innate cooking skills. Mommy Lalaine, her Dad and her siblings supported her in her cook-off bid.

 photo The empanadilla - Bernice Tenorios     Jolly University 4 winning entry that was inspired by her mom  4_zpsq0bpti74.jpg

With the help of her coach, Bernice came up with the Chicken and Mushroom Empanadilla dish, her prized entry in the recent JOLLY University Year 4 Cook-Off. The simple yet creative, easy-to-do JOLLY-inspired dish has balanced elements that satisfied judges’ expectations. Bernice said this original recipe is her “little” way of thanking mommy Lalaine for everything she has done for her and their family.

Though her winning entry took only less than two weeks to finalize, Bernice is happy that she was given the chance to show her best while dedicating a dish made just for her Mom –- win or lose.

“I didn’t have a clear sense of winning; the other entries were equally great. It was a tough competition; I just maintained focus and trust in my abilities and tried my best to apply what I have learned from Mom and from the JU boot camp. I’m pleased to have fought and won the title for my Mom,” she added.

Blessed beyond Measure

Bernice is now on her way to breaking new and higher grounds as an aspiring professional chef. She is currently busy training along with fellow representatives from UST for her first out-of-the-country culinary competition, the Hong Kong Culinary Classics happening this month. She dedicates her hard-earned triumphs and delicious new dishes to none other than her mother.

“If there is one thing that I’ve learned in this journey with my Mom is that there is a reason behind every action that we are doing. Whether good or bad, you learn from the experience and you’ll come out as a better person. There’s still a long road ahead of me. But with perseverance, guidance, and constant love and support from my loved ones especially my mother, I know many wonderful things will happen eventually,” she concluded.

Bernice’s mom is a living portrait of the many mothers who have selflessly supported, endlessly inspired and triumphantly rejoiced in their children’s unforgettable life milestones.

JOLLY, for its part, pays tribute to all the amazing mothers by providing quality canned vegetables and fruit products that will help moms cook easy-to-prepare, healthy dishes that will inspire to celebrate jolly family meal times together.

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Sentro 1771 and Flatiron: A Back-to-Back Celebration in Uptown Bonifacio

It was a night of good vibes, great food and awesome company last Wednesday as we witnessed a back-to-back event in Uptown Bonifacio.

 photo Sentro_zpszylc3mlu.png

Left to right: Kevin Tan (SVP Megaworld Corp & Head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls), Vicky Pacheco (COO & Executive Chef of 1771 Group of Restaurants) and Ricky Gutierrez (CEO & President of 1771 Group of Restaurants)

It was the opening of Sentro 1771’s newest branch and the first year anniversary of Flatiron.

 photo DSCN9470_zpsjeawrbjw.jpg  photo DSCN9466_zpsceiui6ty.jpg
 photo DSCN9461_zpsvwl2wbri.jpg  photo DSCN9464_zps9jbwmvsx.jpg

Everyone was in high spirits, celebrating these 1771 milestones at Uptown Mall in BGC.

 photo P_20170503_195227_zpsdzozihos.jpg  photo P_20170503_195247_zpsipqvdh0y.jpg
 photo P_20170503_195215_zpsklqgyl5x.jpg  photo P_20170503_195304_zpsfim2haxl.jpg

The guests enjoyed the heavy cocktails, open bar and desserts.

 photo DSCN9448_zpsrgvfs0xf.jpg  photo DSCN9453_zpskqx7jcih.jpg
 photo DSCN9450_zpsgyninc6q.jpg


 photo DSCN9445_zpsxu6y2auv.jpg

Flatiron opened its first branch in Uptown Mall last year. Offering American cuisine with European and Asian influences, Flatiron serves impeccable comfort food right off the griddle.

 photo Flatiron Brisket 6_zps2t0u45t4.jpg

Flatiron Brisket 6 is the restaurant’s house specialty, a definite must-try! The meat is slowly cooked for 6 hours to achieve the perfect fusion of tasteful ingredients and the right amount of tenderness.

 photo Chicken Piccata_zpsml13ck92.jpg

Another enticing dish is Chicken Piccata, thinly-pounded chicken breast fried in butter and tossed in lemon butter sauce. The richness of the lemon butter sauce is balanced by the lightly creamed spaghettini.

 photo 16265365_1056228611154114_5519997927970197220_n_zpsuoiiuitw.png

The Corned Beef Skillet is another comfort food that will surely fill a hungry tummy. Sautéed with onions and tomatoes, it is served with sunny-side up eggs and a choice of rice or potato bread rolls.

 photo Intense Brownie Burger_zpsv7znzggu.jpg

And what better way to cap off a delicious meal than to indulge in the sweetness of the Intense Brownie Burger. It’s coffee ice cream sandwiched between two Swiss Chocolate fudge brownies on a cream cheese sauce mirror, slathered with chocolate espresso sauce and toffee sauce. It is that intense!

“Flatiron was well received by patrons of Uptown Bonifacio. This progress alongside the emergence of various establishments in Bonifacio Global Center, specifically, in Uptown Bonifacio and the presence of a diverse community complemented with 1771’s followers garnered through the years, are positive indicators that, indeed, there is a market in the vicinity. There is a flourishing food culture and expanding Sentro 1771 is most opportune,” shared Vicky Pacheco, Executive Chef and COO of 1771 Group of Restaurants.

Sentro 1771

 photo DSCN9443_zps1fthiryf.jpg

Sentro 1771 is the brainchild of Chef Vicky who deviated from the plain and the usual by creating modern Filipino food. She experimented with flavors and explored ways and techniques to revamp standard Filipino recipes to make them extraordinary, sophisticated and world-class.

 photo Corned Beef Sinigang_zpspmuncztr.jpg

Take for instance, their best-selling Corned Beef Sinigang. The fully brined corned beef and the rich sour broth takes the Pinoy sinigang to a whole new level!

 photo Rated GG_zpsqmipomld.jpg

Even the modest galunggong underwent a startling transformation, too! Sentro 1771 turned galunggong into a sumptuous classy dish served with olive oil. The dish called Rated GG brings unexpected satisfaction to diners with finer tastes.

 photo Garlicky Adobo_zpssbqtyzfu.jpg

Sentro 1771 likewise serves premium-quality modern Filipino dishes like Adobo, Caldereta, Spring Rolls, among many others. And don’t forget the desserts! Sentro 1771’s Keso Flan, a Filipino version of cheesecake topped with salted egg, will keep you coming back for more!

 photo Catfish Adobo Flakes_zpsmgsyf5qv.jpg

“We dream of Sentro 1771 as the go to for modern Filipino cuisine prepared in the creative culinary supervision of the best team in town using the freshest natural ingredients,” uttered by Chef Vicky Pacheco.

Sentro 1771’s unconventional yet superb take on Filipino cuisine makes it one of the most celebrated restaurants in the country. It offers sweet refuge to the hungry and the most satisfying treat to the palate. It can also accommodate events in its cozy function room fit for an intimate gathering of 10-30 guests.

 photo Fried Suman and Mangoes_zpsgcqp0qiq.jpg


Both Sentro 1771 and Flatiron accept reservations either through phone calls with contact numbers 792-9133 (Sentro 1771) and 802-5458 (Flatiron) or through a visit in their restaurants exactly located at Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Bonifacio Mall, 36th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Check out Sentro 1771 and Flatiron on Instagram and Facebook: (Sentro1771 and Flatiron.ph). Visit www.sentro1771.com and www.flatiron.ph to learn more about their latest dishes.

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