Pedro ‘n Coi, Robinsons Galleria

If you want to hang out in a place where the atmosphere is festive and vibrant, then you should drop by Pedro ‘n Coi. Owned by husband-and-wife tandem Lloyd Peter Lee (Pedro) and 2011 Ms. Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup (Coi), Pedro ‘n Coi (a.k.a. Pinoy Pop Chibog) offers Pinoy dishes with a twist.

Everything about this place is Pinoy, from the sari-sari store set-up to the jeepney and the banderitas reminiscent of fiesta in the barrio.

Everyone’s all smiles, and the staff will even perform a dance number for the diners.

The menu is even more exciting with unique names given to their dishes and drinks, like Sizzling Bulalowlowlow, Joey de Lechon, Anak ng Tokwa and Luis Mansanas, to name a few. We ended up ordering their Pata Kang Kare-Kare Ka and Inasal Raymundo.

Pata Kang Kare-Kare Ka, Php795

Pata Kang Kare-Kare Ka uses pork knuckles that were baked first before getting deep-fried. It is served with vegetables, peanut sauce and homemade bagoong (shrimp paste). Ordering this is like getting the best of two classic Pinoy favorites crispy pata and kare-kare, which hubby and I both love. The pork skin is crispy while the meat is soft. The creamy peanut sauce and the slightly sweet bagoong delightfully complemented the crispy-outside-but-soft-inside pork knuckles.

Inasal Raymundo, Php250

This Inasal Raymundo consists of savory chicken fillet that’s baked then grilled and served with pickled cucumber and radish. My son liked this a lot. I enjoyed it, too. It’s tender, juicy and flavorful.

Cucumber Lemonade (Pitcher), Php150

Well, I must say that cucumber and lemonade go well together. This Cucumber Lemonade drink is light and cool and refreshing.

Pedro ‘n Coi is an Instagram-worthy place that will satisfy your Filipino food cravings. You’ll leave the place feeling satisfied and light-hearted.

Pedro ‘n Coi
Level 4, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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Chelsea Kitchen, SM Megamall

Our choice of mall these days is SM Megamall. That’s because my husband’s office is near this mall, and that’s where we park our car to save on parking fee. We had dinner at Chelsea Kitchen , SM Megamall last August and tried the following food offerings: Crispy Pork Belly Bagnet, Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo, Three Cheese Pizza and Cookie Dough Cheesecake.

Crispy Pork Belly Bagnet, Php420

We were supposed to order a different pork dish but it wasn’t available when at the time of our visit, so we opted for Crispy Pork Belly Bagnet instead. The pork skin was crispy, yes, but the meat was a little tough to eat. It was also very mildly seasoned but a tiny sprinkle of rosemary salt made it quite delightful. Aside from the rosemary salt, this pork dish also came with a side of sour apple onion jam, which wasn’t really to our liking.

Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo, Php295

This Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo has baby squid, homemade chorizo, red onion and local tomato. The squid was tender but the sauce was a bit more sour than usual perhaps due to the addition of local tomatoes. It was okay but I don’t think we’ll order this again.

Three Cheese, Php320

This 12″ stone-fired Three Cheese pizza, according to their menu, is their bestseller. As the name suggests, it has three types of cheese, although not specified on their menu. A cheese pizza is something safe that we can order for our son who’s a certified cheese lover. He ate most of it which was expected because we really ordered it for him. I managed to have a slice, too, and I liked its pleasing mild cheese taste.

Cookie Dough Cheesecake, Php250

Another bestselling item at Chelsea Kitchen is their Cookie Dough Cheesecake that my son enjoyed a lot. He actually wanted it all for himself. Lol! I couldn’t blame him because it was creamy and silky without being overly sweet.

We were pleased with our orders at Chelsea Kitchen, save for the Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo. Maybe it’s because we’re not used to the taste of tomatoes in the squid adobo. We like this seafood dish with only vinegar as the souring agent.

Chelsea Kitchen
Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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Jonas at The Fort Strip, BGC

Our lunch-outs/dinner-outs these days are mostly unplanned, and these usually happen when we have nothing else to do at home (after chores and school work are done) and there’s still time for a quick getaway before we call it a day. Such was the case when we went to BGC on the last Sunday of August. We didn’t have any restaurant in mind that time, so we scouted around and decided to have dinner at Jonas, the home of the Original Pares. We ordered two of their hot dishes, Original Jonas Pares and Chicken Salted Egg, plus Bihon Guisado. Their hot dishes are served with fried rice and soup.

Original Jonas Pares, Php198

Because everything is served on a bowl for hot dishes orders, our small table looked overcrowded. Since hubby and I each ordered the Original Jonas Pares and there’s another hot dish for our son, that means we actually have three hot dishes on our table, hence 9 bowls for the three of us, including a plate for the Bihon Guisado. Lol!

This picture taken while waiting for our Pancit Guisado. As you can see, there’s barely any space left on our table for additional orders.

The Original Jonas Pares is their best-seller. Diners come to Jonas for this, so it’s a must for us to try this, too. Well, the beef is tender and flavorful. I also enjoyed the tasty and aromatic sauce. The beef pares is nicely complemented by the lightly seasoned and non-greasy fried rice. The clear soup is a heartwarming addition to this highly popular Jonas hot dish, too.

Chicken Salted Egg Php245

Based on his main dish choices lately, our son seems to have a penchant for meat with salted egg recipes. He usually orders Salted Egg Pork at Makansutra. Here at Jonas, he ordered Chicken Salted Egg. One bite and you’d know that the chicken was crispy. The salted egg yolks likewise enhanced the flavor of the chicken meat. Our son said he liked it. He also the crunchy Kropek (fried prawn-flavored crackers) underneath the chicken. He wasn’t able to finish everything, though, as the serving was quite big for an 11-year-old.

Bihon Guisado, Php188

Hubby wanted to try their Bihon Guisado, which did not fail to deliver as well. We like that it’s not dry or too saucy but somewhere in the middle. It had generous servings of meat and veggies, too. What’s missing, according to my husband, is the presence and taste of pork/chicken liver, and I agree.

Gulaman, Php88

There’s really nothing special about this Gulaman, so try their other drinks when you visit Jonas.

We enjoyed our stay at Jonas BGC overall. The food is good, the place is spacious, and the waitstaff are personable. We actually went back again to Jonas a few days ago.

The Fort Strip
28th Street corner 7th Avenue
Bonfacio Global City
Taguig City

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