Pound by Todd English at SM Megamall

The first thing that came to mind when hubby suggested we dined at Pound by Todd English at SM Megamall was that it’s expensive, what with its chic and elegant interiors that some might actually find intimidating. Upon checking their menu, however, I realized that their food offerings are not so pricey after all.

We tried their Chicken Winglets Sampler, Good Ol’ Fries, Backyard Cheeseburger and Sizzling Pound Moco.

Chicken Winglets Sampler (14 pcs.), Php280

Their Chicken Winglets Sampler makes for a nice starter. With three flavors in one platter (Sweet Chili, Garlic Parmesan, Classic Buffalo), I’m sure you’ll find one that will interest you. For me, it’s the Garlic Parmesan, followed by the Classic Buffalo.

Good Ol’ Fries, Php90

For someone who loves French fries in all shapes and sizes, these Good Ol’ Fries dipped in ketchup are already sufficient for our tween son. These and some Chicken Winglets, and his dinner is solved!

Backyard Cheeseburger, Php280

Hubby ordered this juicy and meaty Backyard Cheeseburger. It has house ground beef patty, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato and onions. The egg on top is just extra order because he wants his burger that way. Next time, I will.

Sizzling Pound Moco (Chicken), Php180

I settled for this Sizzling Pound Moco, which could be either beef or chicken, with garlic rice, peppercorn gravy and sunny-side up egg. Nothing extra special about this, just breaded chicken served on a sizzling plate. I actually wished I ordered beef, instead of chicken, so that I’d have a taste of their succulent beef patty.

After having dined at Pound by Todd English for the very first time, I came to the conclusion that while it’s a classy restaurant, it’s not really intimidating to get inside as soon as you realize that the prices of their menu items are quite reasonable. We’d love to drop in again soon.

Pound by Todd English
2/F Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
Mdaluyong City

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The Atrium Lobby Café of Grand Sierra Pines Baguio

One of the many things that would lure a guest back to Grand Sierra Pines Baguio (Sierra Pines) is The Atrium Lobby Café. This restaurant serves Sierra Pines’ breakfast buffet from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., The Atrium Lobby Café is a place to enjoy Pinoy comfort food at affordable prices.

First Day at Sierrra Pines

We had lunch at The Outlook Steak & Grill (located on the lobby of Sierra Pines) on our first day in Baguio last December. Dinner was at The Atrium Lobby Café, and there were some of the items on their menu that we have tried and enjoyed.

Pizza Ala Sierra, Php300

If you know my son well enough, you’d know that he’d normally prefer having pizzas over rice. So this explains why he’s having this pizza for dinner when his folks were busy devouring a huge bowl of Beef Bulalo with steamed white rice. Pizza Ala Sierra is a 3-cheese pizza with basil pesto and bacon bits.

Beef Bulalo, Php300

While nothing truly compares to Tagaytay’s bulalo, this Beef Bulalo from The Atrium Lobby Café was not to be dismissed. For one, the beef shanks were tender, and the serving was huge! They didn’t scrimp on the veggies either, and they were crisp and fresh as well. The clear broth was deliciously seasoned, too.

Second Day at Sierra Pines

On our 2nd day at Grand Sierra Pines, we went to The Atrium Lobby Café and tried an appetizer, some noodles and cake from their bakeshop.

Pancit Batil Patong, Php125

It’s the the first time I’ve heard of Pancit Batil Patong, which actually reminds me of Pancit Lomi, except that it’s less soupy. I ordered this more out of curiosity than anything else. These are egg noodles with sautéed beef and veggies and poached egg on top. A word of caution, though. It can get cloying after a while, so it’s best to squeeze that calamansi on your noodles.

Pancit Canton, Php110

There was no complaints from the hubs about his plate of Pancit Canton that’s sprinkled with chicharon bits and served with sliced hard-boiled eggs, so I guess he liked it.

Ube Cake (I forgot to take note of the price, sorry!)

While waiting for our orders, my son and I made a quick trip to their bakeshop for desserts, and we zeroed in on this dainty-looking Ube Cake. It’s light and fluffy and not overly sweet. We all enjoyed it!

If you’re planning to visit Baguio soon but haven’t decided yet on a place to stay, I highly recommend Grand Sierra Pines Baguio. And while you’re there, be sure to try the delectable offerings of The Atrium Lobby Café.

The Atrium Lobby Cafe
Grand Sierra Pines Baguio
43 North Outlook Drive
Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City
Telephone Nos.: (074) 424-9430, 32-33
Mobile Nos.: 0928.846.6566/0995.489.0873
Email: info@sierrapinesbaguio.com
Website: www.sierrapinesbaguio.com

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The Outlook Steak & Grill at Grand Sierra Pines Baguio

The first restaurant we went into during our December Baguio trip was the The Outlook Steak & Grill, located at Grand Sierra Pines Baguio, a few steps away from The Atrium Lobby Café. Offering a wide selection of Western dishes, The Outlook Steak & Grill is notable for its sous vide steaks.

The restaurant gives a breathtaking view of the hotel (Grand Sierra Pines Baguio), as well as Baguio’s towering pine trees.

Black Truffle Soup, Php100 (cupsize) and Php190 (for sharing)

This smooth and creamy Black Truffle Soup was so heartwarming! Perfect for the chilly Baguio weather and best paired with the flaky black Cubano!

Truffled Potato Fries, Php199

Our ever-predictable son, who loves French fries, ordered Truffled Potato Fries. These are fries and bacon bits dressed in truffle oil and grated parmesan. Despite its promising looks, Justin wasn’t able to finish this because he’s not really used to having fries with truffle oil. I guess he needs time to get accustomed to its taste.

Buffalo Chicken Wings, Php300

These Buffalo Chicken Wings are sweet, tangy and spicy crispy fried chicken, served with cucumber, carrot and jicama (singkamas) sticks with garlic ranch dip. Well, what do you know! The platter was wiped clean; nothing remained, not even those veggie sticks. Yay!

Angus Beef Salpicao, Phhp410

This Angus Beef Salpicao is hubby and my’s hands-down favorite! It’s stir-fried beef in olive oil and garlic with Worcestershire sauce, cherry tomatoes and French beans, served with rice pilaf. The beef was tender and savory. I loved the crispy French beans, too!

Churros, Php110

These Churros sure are crunchy! Plus, it comes with two sauces: hot choco and cream cheese, so take your pick! Personally, I prefer hot choco over cream cheese for my churros.

If you happen to be in Baguio and you’re looking for a place to experience good food and great ambiance, I recommend you try The Outlook Steak & Grill.

The Outlook Steak & Grill
43 North Outlook Drive
Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City
(074) 245-3923

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