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Recognition Day Celebration at Tuan Tuan, Greenhills

Our son’s hard work in Grade 4 paid off. During their Recognition Day in school last June 24, he received 9 medals: a bronze medal for Top 3 General Excellence, 5 academic subject medals and 3 special subject medals. His grandparents on my side of the family were there to see him receive his medals on stage, and both my younger sister and younger brother celebrated this special occasion with us at Tuan Tuan in Greenhills. While waiting for my brother to arrive, we ordered two Signature Crispy Snow Buns (Barbecued Pork and Minced Duck, Php128.00 for 3 pieces), but alas, I forgot to take a picture of these. Lol!

 photo DSCN5466_zpsrdlutbrt.jpg

The celebrant with the fambam!

We ordered the following a la carte dishes: US Premium Beef Rib Curry, Deep-fried Baby Squid with Aioli Sauce, Cantonese Seafood Pan-fried Noodles and Honey Garlic Spareribs.

 photo DSCN5459_zpskybwcvd5.jpg

US Premium Beef Rib Curry, Php498.00

This US Premium Beef Rib Curry was not spicy because, if I remember right, we requested adjustment in its spiciness so that everyone could try it. The beef was tender, but the curry sauce was a bit bland.

 photo DSCN5460_zpsdtvhno3m.jpg

Deep-fried Baby Squid with Aioli Sauce, Php280.00

I love munching on this Deep-fried Baby Squid with Aioli Sauce. It was crispy on the outside but soft and delightful on the inside.

 photo DSCN5463_zpskvf16qjv.jpg

Cantonese Seafood Pan-fried Noodles, Php298.00

The generous serving of fresh shrimps and squid combined with the rightly seasoned fried noodles made this Cantonese Seafood Pan-fried Noodles a favorite item on our table.

 photo DSCN5464_zpsd3ygxe25.jpg

Honey Garlic Spareribs, Php298.00

This sweet and garlicky Honey Garlic Spareribs was okay but nothing extraordinary. I also know that we ordered a chicken dish when my brother arrived, but I forgot what it was, and I also didn’t take a picture of it.

 photo DSCN5469_zpsvernrldj.jpg

Of course, we had to take a lot of photos to remember this special occasion.

 photo DSCN5472_zpsk1gahkuv.jpg

Three’s a family. Cheers!

 photo DSCN5474_zpsvkvq22zm.jpg

And that’s his uncle, my younger brother, who arrived late because he got caught up in traffic.

I guess more than the food and the celebration, it’s the family togetherness that really matters here. My parents and younger sister came all the way from Dasmariñas, Cavite to give my son moral support. My younger brother braved the heavy traffic in Edsa to personally congratulate his nephew. I know my son was really happy to see all of these familiar faces who cheered for him. Congratulations, son, and keep up the good work!

Tuan Tuan
Greenhills Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan City

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16 Responses

  1. Congrats to you mommy tetcha, for raising such an intelligent son. Mana sa nanay 🙂
    an occasion like this is really worth celebrating. Keep up the good work Justin 🙂

  2. Congratulations to your son and to the parents as well! Its nice to have the complete family celebrate with you on special days like this.

  3. Mukhang masarap in the photos but medyo mahal if hindi kayo nasarapan. 🙁

    Anyway, congrats to your son! That’s why you all gathered up and celebrate naman. And that’s what matters most. 🙂

  4. Congratulations to your son! And of course to the parents as well! 😉 So sweet the whole fam were able to celebrate it with him! <3

  5. Congrats to your son! I’m sure super proud ang parents. We also celebrate every end of the school year, with or without award. 🙂

  6. Congratulations to both of you! That is definitely a reason to celebrate, and might I say that I am drooling over that pan fried noodle dish!

  7. Wow congratulations! Then again it is not so shocking that your son would excel hehe. I was drooling over the curry; sayang it was bland.

  8. I’m very surprised I haven’t heard of this restaurant. Food looks really good! Congratulations din on your son’s Recognition Day 🙂

  9. Congratulations Mommy. I think it is very important that families celebrate even the smallest achievements because it brings people together and create lasting memories. Lalo na pag may masarap na food hihi

  10. Congrats to your son! Such great achievements indeed. That premium beef rib curry looks promising. I’m such a meatlover so that looks like a must-try for me. 🙂

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